Team Building Scotland with Lloyds Banking Group

Posted: Nov 26 2014

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Lloyds Banking Group were at Dalmahoy Hotel in Edinburgh for their latest Team Building Scotland Event, Crystal Challenge! Straight into competition the teams were given thirty second to come up with the best team name. The results? The Bo’ness Beavers and the rather obvious Team Not 1, or 3. The winner of the first crystal of the day went to the Richard Obrien’s Wig team. The first round had each team rotate to three challenges; the Towers of Hanoi; Chicken, Fox and Grain; and Ring my Bell. First to the Towers was the Bo’ness Beavers. After a rather slow start the team managed to complete the task with seconds to spare, earning them their first crystal. Richard Obrien’s Wig were up next claiming the task would be easy. Unfortunately the team assembled the tower in the wrong place and ran out of time before the task was completed. Team Not 1, or 3 also managed to complete the task whilst trying their best to hit their teammates with bits of the towers. All three teams received a bonus crystal for answering the riddles correctly.

Hilarity ensued when the teams were at Chicken, Fox, and Grain as they had animal costumes to wear. Once ‘suited up’ all three teams managed to complete the task. Bonus crystals were up for grabs for teams who could ‘Bat the Rat’. The teams all earned an extra crystal for this. Ring your bell offered a bonus crystal for the team that could complete the task in the shortest time. Richard Obrien’s wig managed in a time of 1:55; Not 1, or 3 had a time of 1:30. The clear winners were the Bo’ness Beavers who finished in 1:19. Next up was the NASA Challenge; two crystals were offered for the winning team. The teams started out fairly even but as the game went on the answers got more ridiculous. The Bo’ness Beavers finished with 20 points, earning them no crystals; Not 1, or 3 had 12 points at the end, earning one crystal. The winner of the two crystals was Richard O’Brien’s Wig with 5 points, putting them in the lead after round 1.

Round 2 started with the teams refreshed and ready for more challenges. First up were the Labyrinth and Giant Jigsaw. Some teams split up to try and complete the puzzles and the Labyrinth. Unfortunately the Giant Jigsaw proved too hard for the teams and no crystals were rewarded. The bonus round did not see the teams having better luck at hitting the nail. The teams all suggested that hammering was not necessary, that all you had to do was raise one nail higher than the other. The teams had better luck with Interlocker which they all completed earning one crystal each. Every team managed to construct a crane that held the weight, the tension was rising as the height was measured. The crystals went to Richard O’Brien’s Wig, whose crane was higher than the measuring tape.

Onto the finale in the crystal dome; for every crystal they had earned the teams were allowed three seconds in the dome to collect as many cash notes as possible. Coming in last place, and winner of the wooden spoon was Team Not 1, or 3 with 17 notes. Richard O’Brien’s Wig took home nothing with 18 notes collected. With a massive lead of 28 notes collected the winners of the Crystal Challenge and the coveted Team Challenge Winner’s Trophy were the Bo’ness Beavers. Thank you so much to Ruth for organising such a great day! We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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