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Posted: Jun 26 2012

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There were a lot of tactics on the Texas Hold'Em Poker table with Team One texting their team mates to find out what other players had. We will not name names as this is very illegal in real casinos!! There were three winners on the Texas Hold'Em Poker, two from Team One and a lucky win from Team Two right at the end with the last card being drawn with a full house.On the roulette it was very quiet to start off with but towards the end of the night it was packed because the teams figured out it was the best way to win money, but Team Three were finding it hard to count numbers and had to ask the banker for a loan £150.00, so that put them in a bad position to win the Team Challenge Trohpy.

On the blackjack table you could not get in to play as it was busy throughout the whole night. There was that much banter between the dealer and the teams, that some people forgot to look after their chips and there was some stealing on the go from Team Two. Blackjack was last to close up at the end of the night so everyone put all their money on the table bar Team One, who only put some down. This move paid off as they bet the Dealer, with the other two teams losing all their money.

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Euan Bell

On behalf of Team Challenge Company I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Angela Williamson and all her team for such an enjoyable evening, it was a pleasure to run the event with you all, (despite a lot of cheating going on!!!) We hope that you can take your betting skills to a real casino and win some real bucks instead of our fun money next time. All the best, and I look forward to working with you in the future. Euan



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