Standard Life Investments Team Building Event

Posted: Jul 05 2010

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Comments (2)



Each day brought its own surprises and the highlight was to be able to work with a wonderful group of people over the three days. It will be a while before I stop telling the Tom story on the Towers of Hanoii, and will be even longer before I recover from Brian's shoe brightness...haha Thank you Denise for being a pleasure to work with in the build up to the event and on the days themselves, I wish you, Mike and all the team great success in the coming working months. Gerry



3 days of absolute hilarity that will stay with me for a very long time! The highlights over the 3 days were endless, most of them stemming from dressing up over at the Chicken, Fox and Grain Challenge! My personal highlights, amongst many, are battling against Audrey on the Bungee Run (my coat held me back, so don't go bragging about your victory too much!), that famous 'salmon' pink t-shirt on day 1, and of course, Mike's undying determination at the Flag Race, what an athlete! It was a real pleasure to see so many friendly faces from last year's event, and I sincerely hope the Crystal Challenge Away Days at Melville Castle raised the bar and once again exceeded all epectations throughout the department. Once again, it was amazing fun to work with you all, I hope my Richard O'Brien remarks weren't too cutting (except when directed at Tony!), and I look forward to seeing you all again in the near future. Best wishes to all from The Leopard-skin Lover



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