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Posted: Nov 07 2011

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Team Challenge Company are delighted to be working with Maersk Oil throughout November and December as part of their Incident Free Orientation Workshops at Pittodrie Stadium. The Maersk Oil Teams are taking on our magnificent Crystal Challenge Specialist Event, with each day becoming more and more competitive! Maersk Oil's Company Values have been incorporated into the various events and challenges that the groups are undertaking, ensuring a unique, fun-filled and memorable experience for all in attendance. One of the most highly anticipated and talked about challenges thus far has been the Maersk Oil Penalty Shoot-Out Competition, in which individuals take a shot at glory and hope to walk home with a magnificent prize courtesy of Pittodrie Stadium.  There are prizes for the competition each day, and a grand prize for the Maersk Oil Penalty Shoot-Out Champion at the end of the 5 weeks. You can keep up with the League Table of Scores below, and leave comments about your day of Crystal Challenge. Maersk Oil Penalty Shoot-Out Championships 1. Chris McKenzie 400 points   Day Two Champion   Lee Parker 400 points     3. Roelof Peterson 350 points   Day Five Champion   Rutger Blanksma 350 points   Day Eight Champion   Peter Burns 350 points   Day Ten Champion   Henrik Jacobson 350 points   Day Fifteen Champion 7. Michael McCulloch 200 points   Day One Champion   Andy Bell 200 points   Day Three Champion   Gordon Johnston 200 points   Day Four Champion   Grant McRitchie 200 points   Day Six Champion   Ian Mullin 200 points   Day Seven Champion   John Leckie 200 points   Day Nine Champion   James Buchan 200 points   Day Eleven Champion   Trevor McLeod 200 points   Day Twelve Champion   Barry Kamara 200 points   Day Thirteen Champion   Neil Corbett 200 points   Day Fourteen Champion   Irena McLeod 200 points   Day Sixteen Champion   Ian Green 200 points   Day Seventeen Champion   Allan Macauly 200 points   Day Eighteen Champion   Simon Clapperton 200 points       Jimmy Bolland 200 points       Graham Shephard 200 points       Mark Scorgie 200 points       Sean Perry 200 points       Greg Wisely 200 points       Graham Dane 200 points       Steve Grant 200 points       Danny Nairn 200 points       Dave Thompson 200 points       Nicola McIntosh 200 points       Garry Hunter 200 points       Jake Flett 200 points       David Holdsworth 200 points       Adrian Stewart 200 points       Boudewijn Van Nuissenberg 200 points       Donna McAlary 200 points       Mark Gatlish 200 points       Jim Blayden 200 points     39. Morris Gordon 175 points       Dirk Gelderblom 175 points       Richard Low 175 points     42. Colin McNab 150 points       Chris Bugg 150 points       Ron Gilmour 150 points       Mike Towler 150 points       David Morris 150 points       Fraser Abercrombie 150 points       Bob Nash 150 points       Calum McGregor 150 points       Kevin Charles 150 points       Bob Frazer 150 points       Murdoch McLeod 150 points       Adrian McBurnie 150 points       Adrian McCleod 150 points       Michael Croce 150 points       Dimeji Sikiru 150 points       Iain Finch 150 points       Bob Vanoochot 150 points       Pete Burridge 150 points       Lars Bante 150 points       Tom Krokosz 150 points       Frank Richards 150 points       Lyke Obi 150 points       Simon Clark 150 points       Barry Pirie 150 points       Steve Richardson 150 points       Elke Mason 150 points       Tom Marchbanks 150 points       Martin Myln 150 points       Craig Howieson 150 points       John McAteer 150 points       Peter Kelman 150 points       Mike Hay 150 points       Paul Baker 150 points       David Booth 150 points       Nick Garnet 150 points       Bruce Costello 150 points       Graham Blyth 150 points       Stoo Martin 150 points       Dave Buchan 150 points       John McGowan 150 points       Pat McShae 150 points       Jonathan Christie 150 points       Claire Regan 150 points       Adam Cran 150 points       Victor Rasmussen 150 points       David McKenna 150 points       Davie Greig 150 points       Gary Francis 150 points       Mark McDonald 150 points       Angus Smith 150 points     92. Greg Scott 125 points     93. Scott Robertson 100 points       Mark Chapman 100 points       Manny Robertson 100 points       Alan Ross 100 points       Stuart Thompson 100 points       John Owens 100 points       Tom Reynolds 100 points     100. Kenny Poole 75 points       Neil Peterson 75 points       Morwczynski 75 points       Ian Cambrook 75 points       Iain Cole 75 points       Phil Greenham 75 points       Ernie James 75 points       Harry Yorston 75 points       Iain Campbell 75 points       Nick Jackson 75 points       Pat McCuser 75 points       Emma Craigmire 75 points       Paul Barns 75 points       Graham Farrow 75 points       Phil Mason 75 points       Kevin Dallas 75 points       Bill Lowdon 75 points       Danny Humphries 75 points       Brian Warren 75 points       Peter Bell 75 points       Morag Cammack 75 points

Comments (4)


The Leopard Print Lover

What an amazing 19 days this proved to be! With so many great teams and some incredible penalty shoot outs! Next time there is a five aside tournament we know you who will be signing up (and who won't Brian haha.) Was great to be involved in the two months of Crystal Challenge Madness with all the teams. Some hilarious moments that I won't be forgetting in a hurry. I'm already looking forward to the rematch! WIll have to think of something special to up the game from penalty shoot out. Could be interesting...



With 3 weeks down and 2 to go, the race for the Maersk Oil Penalty Shoot Out Champion is really heating up. The massive score of 400 points laid down by both Chris and Lee (both on the same day, which was incredible!) are going to prove hard to beat, but we reckon someone has it in them to go another level and take home victory! With well over 100 names now on the scoreboard, Aberdeen Football Club may be looking to Maersk Oil for a few signings over the January Transfer Window!


The Leopard Print Lover

Day 16 brings with it our first Lady Champion of the Maersk Oil Penalty Shoot-Out Championships, the unstoppable IRENA! Both Chris and Lee still lead the chharge, all the way back from Day 2, with only 3 Maersk Oil Incident Free Workshops left before the Christmas Holidays roll in, will anybody be able to topple these two stalwarts...? Only one way to find out, so keep watching!



Devastated I only manage to squeeze in 25 points...! More practise required! Great day all round, couldn't even win in the Crystal Dome, but had a blast Brian



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