Team Building Crystal Challenge with Premier Oil

Posted: Apr 26 2013

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The fantastic Thainstone House Hotel was the setting for the group from Premier Oil for a all day session of Team Building events with our crew.

The group arrived fueling up for the days activities with bacon rolls, as we briefed them on the up coming Activities.  We split the group into two teams "Beauty & The Beast" and "Simply the Best " then headed outside for the first part of their  Building Challenges.  The first two Team challenges were Stepping Stones and Casket Rescue. On the Stepping Stones it was great to see both teams taking different approaches to negotiate the puzzle route. On Casket Rescue it was crazy and very creative with makeshift fishing rods being made to try and grab and remove the "flammable and toxic" object to safe location.    

On to the third Activity Blind in Tent it was like being at T in the Park watching giddy revelers attempting to put up their tents. At first it did seem that the teams were working against nature and the tents could almost fly away in the wind. However soon enough the teams got control and they were up in no time at all. The fourth Team Building Activity was Rollerball, both teams thoroughly enjoyed this activity getting stuck right in and building two very different structures. Beauty & The Beast finished with an excellent time of  33 seconds and Simply the Best 15 seconds both fantastic times.    

After lunch it was down to serious competition time to find out who would be victorious and win the Team Challenge Company Trophy in the Crystal Challenge event. With a shuffle of teams and new names "Famous 5" and "Clear Up Team" it was time to start the Crystal Challenges to win Crystals which means more time in the Final Crystal Dome!!  Round one was extremely close in the Blind 4x4 Driving Challenge with both teams winning a Crystal however Round two saw  the Famous 5's pull out their secret weapon in the form of Usain Bolt who was like lightening at the Flag Race. Round three on the Towers of Hanoii both teams really struggled to get started with but the Clear Up team then got to grips with it and  it was another crystal in the bag. Time for the Crystal Dome Finale the Clear Up team was in first with 15 seconds of grabbing as much as they could and trying to avoid the reds. The Famous 5 was up next with an impressive 25 seconds collected. Both teams did well but the final scores were The Clear up team with 100 points and in first place winning the Trophy it was Famous 5 with a massive 700 points. We really enjoyed the Premier Oil Team Building Day and hope you all did too we look forward to working with you again soon. Thank you to Duncan and Lauren for all of your hard work organising the event.

Comments (3)



Well done Team Challenge; it was a fantastic day and fulfilled our aim of starting to understand the values, behaviours and actions that underpin team work and team building. The professionalism of the Team Challenge staff was superb and the event was great fun - fulfilling one of our other main objectives of the day!


Lauren Welsh

I had a great day at the team building event. The activiies were alot of fun and got everyone working together. A big thank you to Team Challange for their hard work and making the day run smoothly. Lauren



Well Well Well.... what a great afternoon we had at Thainstone House Hotel. It was lovely to see the teams working hard and well together. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Bob



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