Team Building Crystal Challenge with United Biscuits

Posted: Aug 19 2010

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With many crystals won and lost throughout the afternoon, the big finale in the Crystal Dome had arrived. Each team would select one team member to step inside and collect as many golden tokens as possible. The tension was huge, but so was the cheering, inspiring the competitors onwards to phenomenal performances inside the Dome. With the tokens counted and verified, it was time to announce to finishing places, and collecting the Wooden Spoon this time around was (obviously) Barry's Bandits! The Unforgettables were just pipped at the post, leaving the mighty Warriors Team to step up and lift the Winners Trophy high into the air, cheered on by rounds of applause that were head throughout the gardens.

The Crystal Challenge Event and afternoon of Team Building had been a massive triumph, and all involved thoroughly enjoyed their day. A big thank-you goes out to Alison, whose hard work and enthusiasm ensured that the Team Building session was such a successful one. The group from United Biscuits were a pleasure and great fun to work with, and we at Team Challenge Company look forward to seeing you all again soon

Comments (2)


Jonathan AKA The Leopard-Print Lover

What a laugh we had in Castle Gardens! The United Biscuits Team were great fun to work with, and it was nice to see some familiar faces from Slieve Donard (Following that event, I should have known about Barry's love of cheating, and Paul's love of dressing up...oooops, that is a story for another time!!!) All in all, a hugely successful and fun-filled afternoon in which any team could have walked away with the trophy...if you had been as devious as Leila and Olivia! A big cheer once again for Alison and for all her work in organising the day, I'm just surprised she didn't win the Team Challenge Company Trophy after all her weeks of practice!!! See you all soon Jonathan



What a great event held at the beautifully restored Castle Gardens in Lisburn- United Bisbuits brought the sunshine and the Jaffa cake bribes. Some awesome performances from the teams and for once Barry wasnt the biggest cheat - that honour went to Leila and Olivia- only you know its true - Warriors do whatever it takes to win ! Thanks for Alison for putting the day together so successfully and we hope to work with you all again- as long as Paul wears the chicken outfit ! Keep working hard together so we can play harder. Stephen



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