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Posted: Feb 24 2009

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The boys were back again at The Hop Farm for another fun-filled afternoon, this time with a group of 23 staff from the Brookfield Primary School.

The group were divided into 3 teams - The Rookies, The Spooners (not sure how appropriate the name was, but ok) and The Best (again, the appropriate thing...!) - and they would battle it out on a number of Team Building Activities throughout the afternoon in a bid to be crowned Champions and walk away with the Winners Trophy. From the outset the group looked to be very competitive, and nobody could wait to get stuck into the challenges that lay ahead, the first being a most hilarious installment of Giraffe Build - where some creations were clearly prettier than others!

The games continued the ever challenging Plank Walk, and the mentally taxing Rollerball - where it seems some teams were more mentally taxed than others, but I won't mention any names (Spooners!) There was, however, one piece of inspired planning and communication during the Rollerball Challenge, from none other than Karen, who competently pointed out that 'Its got to go zig-zag-zig-zag.' What a Winner!

It was the Puzzle Corner that provided the most laughs on the day, and once again, when it came to The Spooners, most people were laughing at them rather than laughing with them. With a record low of only 9 puzzles complete, its unlikely we'll see any of them on The Crystal Maze any time soon.

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Melanie Blewer

Dear Team Challenge Company So sorry not to have responded earlier ~ have been busy with our OfSTED visit! The team building activities were great and we all felt that you helped us to bond well together and have a fabulous afternoon. Thank you so much for all your encouragement ~ even though my team won the wooden spoon!! Look forward to working with you again sometime.



As the Rollerball coach the team that impressed me most was Team Rookie even though I was offered a big bribe of tea coffee and pastries by Karen of Team Best, sorry Karen but I dislike Pastries...haha. The weather holding certainly made the event more comfortable for everyone and if I was to offer one piece of advice to all the Teams it would be. Sometimes Simplicity Works. Neil


Sarah Palmer

Thanks guys for a very entertaining afternoon, lucky for the spooners we didn't get locked in the oast house following the puzzle corner activities - thank goodness for the 'jenga' puzzle eh? Have to give a special mention to 'The Best', you girls were very persistant and lucky enough to have mathematical Paul at hand for when that persistance didn't quite pay off! Well done to all of you, hope your teamwork pays off for a successful 'visit' this week and good luck to Hannah from 'The Rookies' with the Krypton Factor application! Hope to see you all again soon! Sarah



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