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Posted: Jul 27 2011

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Rollerball Challenge was a feat of construction that all teams lived up to and resulted in some astounding constructions. A great record was set at 46.85 seconds which proved to be untouchable as the nearest competitors only managed 42 seconds; a time which, under any other circumstances would have been a highly respectable winner.NASA and Interlocker were the mental games of the day that certainly tested the grey matter of all teams and had frustration running high. There was even a Team Challenge Company record of 4 points on the Nasa challenge suggesting that at least one member of the teams was a professional astronaut.

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Well this was certainly a day to remember. The sheer brutality of performance on the Plank Walk was frightening! I don't think I have ever seen two teams so intent on sabotage haha. All in all it was a great day full of laughter and competition and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future. SJ



we just kept it real......


Millie from

Wow! That is exciting. I think all companies should conduct such team building exercises. Team building or bonding of the individual employees as a team is very important for the growth of an organization.



The idea is brilliant........... well this is a good step for the team building exercises.



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