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Posted: Aug 25 2011

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Glorious sunshine beamed down upon the magnificent Mercure Ardoe House Hotel as an afternoon of fun-filled and exciting event got underway with a wonderful (and highly competitive) group from Technip.The afternoon kicked-off with a sense of nervous anticipation flowing aroudn the room, all guests waiting excitedly to see what lay in store. The good news is the 6-mile jog we told them about was just a joke (event though Lesley had worn her new running trainers just in case!), and the teams were quickly formed as they prepared to head out on to the grounds and compete head-to-head across a variety of Challenges. Some would test our guest's mental agility, others would focus on their physical prowess, and it would all come down to which team performed the best throughout the day to score the most points and walk home Champions.

The entire afternoon had been a huge success, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance. A big shout-out and thank-you goes to Pierre and Lesley for all their hard work and effort in organising such a fantastic day. The entire Technip team were an absolute pleasure to work with, and we look forward to seeing you all again in the near future.

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What a fun-filled and hilarious afternoon of Team Building with Technip at Mercure Ardoe House Hotel, all of which was enjoyed in the Scottish sunshine we have been having so much of this summer...! So many funny moments and favourite highlights from this one for me, with NASA Challenge putting many of our teams to the test. What legends Team 5 were, I reckon you'll all be working for NASA before long. Bridge Build was another firm favourite of mine, particularly the attrocity that was put before us by none other than Team 6...! Pierre, don't worry, we all know it was Kerry's idea and you had nothing to do with it what so fact, I actually blame the driver for crashing in to the chasm! All in all, a wonderful afternoon with Technip, I really hope you all enjoyed your time with us immensely. A big cheer for Pierre and Lesley for all their work in putting the event together, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon for the re-match! Jonathan



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