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Posted: Jul 28 2011

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The two teams competed both indoors and outdoors in a variety of tasks including Helium Stick, Stepping Stones, Rollerball, Blind Intent and Interlocker- with the scores being nip and tuck as they played out their Joker cards to best effect as the activities became even more testing and challenging.The Final challenge of the day  was  the Bridge Build up for double points and all to play for, where teams showed huge excitement and potential throughout the task, particularly when  trying to bend the rules..!  When it came to the test, for one team it really was Mission: Impossible, with Colins Crew  ending up in the crevasse...what a shame - plenty of thinkers but alas not many quality builders. Georges Gorgeous Team raised the roof with cheers of celebration shouts as their car sat on the shaky bridge - crowd pleasers one and all!

The time for trophy presentations had soon arrived, The first task was to welcome up  Colins Crew Team to collect the Wooden Spoon for their Close but No Cigar with 13,000 points with some players being delighted with a least leaving with the Wooden Spoon.  But it was a last minute surge to success at the top as  Georges Gorgeous Team on 13500 points, who walked away as champions, scoring a very impressive 4000 points from the Team Building Bridge Build Finale.- what a result!Well done Georges Gorgeous Team - it had all come down to persistence and a great team performance, and there was none more persistent than you who lifted their Trophy aloft to the sounds of rapturous applause - what an effort- what a team!

The development and Ice Breaking session with Coats had proved to be a complete success, with all in attendance thoroughly enjoying the Team Challenge throughout the morning. A big shout out  to Chris for organising such a fantastic day, your effort and enthusiasm and commitment really shone through during the event , and we certainly look forward to working with you and your team again in the near future.

Comments (2)


Bob Scott

A great day of team development and what a fantastic group to work with at Mar Hall. We got through a lot in that day and even learned that the most memeorable time in Colins Life was Columbian ladies plus a first for Team Challenge Company we met somebody actually called LEGEND!, i thought you only read about these names in books haha We hope you all enjoyed your day and again a big thanks goes out to Chris for organising a great event. See you all at your next event and remember Legend we can travel to China. Bob


stephen hazley

Excellent teambuilding day with Coats at the beautiful Mar Hall Hotel - both teams gave the utmost effort throughout the event and congratulations to George's Gorgeous Team for digging in deep when it mattered, staying the course and even piping Colins Crew to the trophy - it was a slow burn ! Hope you all re-energised back in the workplace and all stepping up in the same direction to even greater success. A great thanks to Chris for overcoming the challenges of the morning and getting involved throughout the afternoon - hope the photos do you and your team justice Hope to seee you all again soon. Stephen



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