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Posted: Jan 17 2008

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Nov Elmar held their event at Macdonald Pittodrie House Hotel, starting the morning with a Company Presentation and then on to some team-wide training with us, beginning with Build a Giraffe. Careful planning and execution required to construct the team Giraffe. 

After lunch the afternoon began with everyone re-grouping and dividing into 4 teams, which were then challenged in 4 tasks - Plank Walk, Sheep Pen, Blind in Tent and Bridge Build.

The group enjoyed their challenging day working as a team, which they took forward into the night of entertainment. This consisted of an Executive Quiz, with rounds such as General Knowledge, Movie Quotes & Name the Movie Picture, Guess Who's Baby pictures (aww, look at the baby) and Music Round.

The Finale of Cake Decoration seperated the teams in the day long, closely fought competition, and decided which team was to win that all-important winners trophy.

Though only one team could walk away winners, everybody walked away with great memories of their time at Macdonald Pittodrie House Hotel.

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