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Posted: Jul 03 2012

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Five teams of budding detectives from Technip travelled from across the globe to enjoy a  fantastic dinner and Evening Entertainment Event in the shape of a dark and sinister Murder Mystery Night at the wonderful Crathes Castle in Banchory.The five 'Sleuths and Cops' teams assumed their roles for the Murder Mystery Night enquires, picking apart the stories of some fiendishly talented actors and investigating the sequence of events that lead to the terrible misdoings in "The Lush, The Judge and The Pianist"...all in the course of enjoying a fabulous supper at the wonderfully decorated and beautifully appointed Grand Ballroom. The team names ranged from the highly imaginative Table 5 and Table 3, to Irene The Maid's Table, to Green Team to the very... original How do you Spell ID? - from the off even with the team names there were more problems than solutions!

A big thank you to Julia and her wonderful team at Crathes castle - you helped make the evening such a very special evening for us all - we shall return with even more crimes!

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stephen hazley

Irene Irene Irene- were did it all go wrong ? Well probably picking a team who have never even heard of Miss Marple ! After all your hard work organising the event - you end up a maid - mind you at least you kept your table nice and tidy ! Grreat night of fun, entertainment, hospitality and yes Murder at Crathes Castle with Technip and aren't you guys competitive - especially The Green Team ! Well done to Julia and her excellent team at Crathes Castle it was once again a joy to work with you and your teams. And sorry to Frank for not letting your team win - your euro bribes are in the post ! See you all again next time Stephen



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