William Grant and Sons Murder Mystery Dinner

Posted: Sep 18 2012

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The stunning Orroco Pier was the mysterious setting for the group from William Grant and Sons to be treated to their evening of Murder Mystery Entertainment.

The stunning Orroco Pier was the mysterious setting for the group from William Grant and Sons to be treated to their evening of Murder Mystery Entertainment. After a delightful drinks reception the sleuths took their seats in preparation for their dinner and after a brief introduction as to the format of the evening our suspects burst into the room and the teams got serious, picking apart the stories of some fiendishly talented actors and investigating the sequence of events that lead to the terrible events in "The Lush, the Judge and the Pianist"...all in the course of enjoying a fabulous dinner with fantastic views of the Forth Bridges.

Before our starter the mystery kicked off with a bang as the guests were introduced to Lord and Lady Haaze and their dinner guests as well as their devious exploits. As the action unfolded there were more red herrings than anything and we were kept on our toes trying to figure out ‘whodunnit.’ The fantastic actors transported us into a world of love, passion and revenge and we didn’t even have to leave our seats. As the first act closed and the actors took their seats at the tables it was up to our talented teams of detectives to interrogate the suspects and piece together the fragmented clues that would lead them to the picture perfect accusation.

There was much friendly competition and plenty of hilarious moments as the teams battled it out to figure out the truth. After Lyndsey’s opening line of ‘Now just to be clear does this mean they might lie?’ things only got worse from there for the Crimewatch team. As the evening drew towards a close it was time for the final accusations to be made and with Crimewatch choosing to accuse the murder victim by a means NOT suicide and so taking last place and claiming the Wooden Spoon, success seemed to get further and further away. We managed to edge closer to the truth as the Window Cleaner’s guess of ‘The Wife’ was at least somewhat plausible. Then came Green Phlegm with a Straw and their accusation that was bang on the money. As we watched the final act of the drama and saw the truth unfold before our eyes our winners were jubilant as they were then presented with the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy.

As we got ready to leave there was time to thank Anne for all of her hard work and effort in putting the Dinner together for us all to enjoy. We are sure that the teams are all swatting up on their detective stories to be prepared for the next installment of the drama.

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Sarah - Jane

What a night! Lyndsey singled herself out early doors after her incredible questions haha! As for the teams' answers - WOW! It was such fun to listen in and watch as you all worked it out and I already look forward to the next installment. Sarah-Jane



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