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Posted: Sep 10 2013

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Between a two day conference with BP, Team Challenge Company livened up the afternoon with an Energizer! The teams were sent off the complete the business simulation exercise, Scrambled Egg where teams tried their hardest to create a parachute out of a set of materials and successfully drop their eggs without smashing them to pieces! Each team had their own methods but only a few were successful!

Later that evening it was time for some more Team Building throughout dinner! The Pressure Zone held a variety of challenges for our teams to try out. Many being harder than they first appeared but all of our teams managed at least a little bit! As the evening progressed the competitive spirit in the room became stronger, with .... winning the event.

On second day at Pittodrie Stadium after a morning conference, the guests were split up into four different groups and sent to their respective areas and given the challenge of figuring out the order they would need to stand in, in order to form a mosaic. Team one were especially quick and were the first to be in position. Once all of the teams were in place they were taken outside to the stands. With every team in place and the photographer ready, the group held up their individual cards and revealed the mosaic! We had a great time with BP over the two days, a massive thank you to Angela, Richie and Louise for orgainsing the event, we look forward to working with you again in the future.

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