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Posted: Jun 16 2017

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Team Challenge Company had the absolute pleasure of hosting a fun filled traditional School Sports day with a twist for a group of 70 self proclaimed “rowdy accountants” from Chiene & Tait in Edinburgh. The group was split into 9 teams and as soon as they spotted the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy – you could feel the tension as they eyed up the competition! Team 1 especially seemed to be feeling confident... cocky some might even say!  Starting the day with our Warm Up got the teams amped up and raring to go! 

Kicking off the races, the teams took part in the Over and Under race, where the teams had to pass the football down the line alternating between over their head and through their legs. Team 1’s confidence was definitely backed by their determination as they won the first round! Also winning their rounds were Team 5 and Team 9! The 3 Legged Race brought plenty laughs as some of the teams struggled to make it up and down the track – Team 2, Team 6 and Team 7 all coming in at last place in their rounds! Next up was a slightly different race than the previously traditional one – a Hula Hoop Race – but not the kind you’d imagine! 

The teams had to line up down the track holding hands and pass themselves through the hula hoop without breaking the chain or holding the hoop with their hands – once the person had passed through the hoop they could let go of the person next to them and run to the bottom to continue down the track. With only a few people being stopped for holding the  hoop, every team managed to complete the race with team 3 coming in first place in their round for the first time that day! The day consisted of more traditional – and not so traditional – races and games, such as the Egg and Spoon race – where one team were so happy about coming in 1st place they kicked the egg in their celebrations and almost knocked the sunglasses off a passing gentleman from Team 1 (we’re almost certain it was an accident...)  

The Space Hopper Dash went down a storm as the teams realised it definitely wasn’t as easy as it used to be as they bounced to the finish line, hoping to rack up the big points towards their final score. The Obstacle Ski race was one that the teams had to find the knack for, but once they did, they were flying down the track with shouts of “LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT – NO, LEFT, COME ON GUYS... LEFT” – plenty of commentary from the team members not taking part at that time, for sure! The teams strategized and planned where to put their team members throughout the course during the Raise the Duckie race. One of the teams even cheated in an attempt to get their duckie floating first- unfortunately it didn’t pay off! The scores were very close with two teams even going into the finale on a tie, so it was time to head to the Hey You Jimmy Obstacle Course for the tie breaker! Two teams raced at a time, head to head, but with the teams being uneven... our 9th team needed someone to compete against, which could only mean one thing – Team 5 VS Team Challenge Company! Our TCC Team were not prepared for what was about to happen as Team 5 raced around the course, sabotaging and even stealing our wheelbarrow! However, no one could deny that they were the faster team and managed to fill their bucket before us! The scores were added up and it was time for the Trophy Presentation. In Last Place and taking home the Loser’s Wooden Spoon with 4400 points was Team 7! In 8th Place with 5500 points was Team 8, followed closely by Team 2 with 5600 points in 7th Place. In 6th Place with 6000 points is Team 6. With 6400 points and in 5th Place was Team 4, and in 4th Place with 6600 was Team 3. Coming in 3rd Place and just missing out on the top spots, with 7000 points, was Team... 5! Will the confident Team 1 win? In 2nd Place with 7400 points was... Team 1! Which means the winners, coming in 1st place with 7600 points and taking home the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy was Team 9! 

Well done to everyone who took part on the day and a HUGE Happy 30th Birthday to Kevin! A massive thank you and well done to Kerry for organising such a great day – and for managing to get the rowdy accountants together! Our team enjoyed working with you all and had a fantastic time – we look forward to working with you all again soon! 

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What a fun and energetic group! You definitely kept the team on their toes! My personal highlight of the day had to be the celebratory egg kick and the flying Team 1 glasses! Or maybe even the Hey You Jimmy Finale that definitely didn't have any cheating... It was a fantastic day and the team loved working with you all! Hopefully you all enjoyed it just as much as we did and the Trophy has a prize position in the office! Hope to see you all again soon!



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