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Posted: Nov 03 2017

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Hidden off a tiny right hand turn along the waters of Dunoon, stands Hafton Castle. This wonderful venue was the battleground for the employees of Interaction Ltd. to compete in a traditional Highland Games. Our competitors emerged from the beautifully decorated house, sleepy eyed and tousle haired (maybe some beverages had been consumed the night before?) but they soon brightened up when they saw the events that Team Challenge Company had put on for their entertainment!

After the guests had been split into teams, we had a quick team naming session – the best team name was worth 100 points, giving the opportunity for a group to nose ahead before the competition starts! The names were... interesting to say the least. From Don’t Mess with the Ness, mildly Scottish and thematic, Double Naith (?) and two that we will not repeat and will be referred to by acronyms only! The best name was judged Log Tossers, at which the team requested that the competition ended there while they were in the lead. But the team name competition was only just beginning.

For our first rotation of competitions, the teams set themselves against each other on archery, laser clay pigeon shooting and weight over bar events. While some teams showed good skills on the archery and put up good numbers, one team in particular buried more arrows in the protective net at the rear of the target than in the target itself! On the laser clays, one competitor complained that his gun wasn’t working. After a brief look at his gun, he hadn’t reloaded for three rounds of shooting. He was not popular with his team for obvious reasons! 

Weight Over Bar saw the teams sing a pitch fork to throw bags of straw over a 25ft inflatable. Each competitor had two throws; each bag over the wall was worth one point each. When one member of Log Tossers impaled two bags on his pitch fork and cast both high over the wall, he secured the victory for his team.

Our next rotation was more team building based than Highland Games based, which gave an interesting aspect to the event. Stepping Stones is a team based activity where they must find a path over stepping stones using two short planks and one long plank. Once a plank is no longer needed for the team to stand on, it can be used for the next piece move by the team. The team have to work together to make sure every member is safe and use their problem solving skills to find the path through the stones. To add a competitive aspect, the teams were placed head to head to see who could complete the challenge the quickest. Log Tossers, L&A and Double Naith managed to complete the course faster than the team they were pitted against. 

Roller Ball is one of the simplest games, but infinitely scalable. The concept is easy, keep the golf ball rolling for the longest time with the equipment provided. The team QOYF entered an ingenious pendulum based creation with which they put up the winning time of 1 minute and 4 seconds. Rassa’s Rabbits first attempt was 7 seconds, and the golf ball flew out the end of their design. With some creative changes they managed to put up a 26 second roll.

Our final rotation was probably the most traditional of our events; Caber Tossing, Haggis Hurling and Welly Throw. The Caber Toss is always a favourite, with some of the men grunting like wounded hippos as they threw the log with all their might. The Haggis Hurling and the Welly Throw left all contestants out of breath and with big smiles on faces. Double Naith were doing very well until a member of the team was caught cheating! No interference with another teams throw please! All in good fun, but try to curb your desire to win sir!

The rotations were complete and the scores were in. Our valiant wooden spooners, Double Naith, were in good humour even through their loss. Our winners, receiving the official Team Challenge Company Trophy, were Don’t Mess with the Ness. Their consistency was the key to their success, placing top three in every game. Contrary to a few accusations, no bribes were received!

After a few hours to recover, Team Challenge Company had something else up our sleeve. Continuing with the Scottish theme, we organised a whisky tasting before dinner, allowing our guests to test their palate for our favourite drink. 

Our Whisky Wisdom event is split into two parts. The first is primarily smell based for the guests to identify different scents in numbered bottles. A few of the guys did show extremely discerning skills in this area. On the other hand, our winning team from the afternoon, Don’t Mess With The Ness, did not place the scents well. 

As a surprise for the guests, we had organised a full chieftain haggis for them to try. In traditional fashion, before it was all shared out a poem to the haggis was read by our very own Mandy, which was a great touch for our guests to see. Most, having never tried haggis, were slightly hesitant, but in general the haggis was enjoyed by all.

The second part of the event, where our guests try different whiskeys and have to match the whisky to its tasting notes, was much anticipated. Maybe it was the whisky, maybe it was the fine company, but we could see all our guests visibly relaxing and having fun over a shared drink. 

 But there needed to be a winner, and we found them in Rassa’s Rabbits, who defined all bar one scent correctly and got the tasting notes matched to the drinks flawlessly. Their small trophy will show testament to their skills in this area. 

All in all, we very much enjoyed having Interaction Ltd. and entertaining all these fine people makes us look forward to our next event with them!

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