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Posted: Jul 03 2018

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Team Challenge Company once again had the great pleasure in working with the wonderful team from International Well Control Forum (IWCF) not far from their base in Montrose, as their team took part in a full day of team building in the shape of our ever-popular Soapbox Derby event. The sun beat down on the playing fields in Craigo where the event took place, as our excited and intrepid guests arrived in high spirits for a fun, engaging and enthralling day ahead. The team building session would see our group split into 3 teams that would battle it out to create their own Soapbox Derby Race Team, design their own Soapbox Racer, and then compete in the final pedal-powered Grand Prix in a bid to take home the much-coveted Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy.

With 3 phases to the day, the teams began with the creation phase, coming up with their team name and logo, their racing branding and strapline, and even their  racing team values, all of which were to align with the IWCF company values that our guests already held dear in their everyday working lives. They would then pull all this together in a Dragon’s Den style pitch to our board of sponsors in the hope they would gain the lucrative big money sponsorship contract which would see them placed pole position on the grid for the opening heat. We were treated to some of the most creative, thought-provoking and down-right hilarious displays from each team, as Team I-C, The International Winners Come First, and the Magnificent 7 all pitched their sporting prowess to the sponsors, doing everything they could to earn to spot. There was dance moves, there was chanting, there was some sassy hand jives, and there was some sensational race suits on show, as the teams really got into the spirit of the day. Team I-C came out on top earning the most sponsorship, whilst IWCF came in second and Magnificent 7 finished at the back of the grid, despite some wonderful efforts in their pitch.

There was then the opportunity for our teams to earn extra kudos and another grid position for heat 2 through our additional team building challenges. The teams really did well to get to grips with our Spider’s Web task, showing some great care for all and wonderful teamwork and due-diligence to complete such a tricky task. The Clock Tower proved frustrating for some, and it felt like the jigsaw puzzle might never be completed for the I-C team, whereas Team IWCF raced ahead in style with this one. All that was left to earn the bonus grid position was our Blind Intent challenge, which was completely hilarious, though the teams all did brilliantly to build some sort of structure…not too sure you would want to spend a night in the wilderness inside the Magnificent 7 tent though…!

It was then over to the pit garages, where the teams began to build their Soapbox Racers. The engineering ability on display was quite extraordinary, as piece by piece the teams crafted some true works of art. Crazy spoilers, front splitters, dysfunctional doors and awesome go-faster flames were just a few of the design highlights of the afternoon, as colourful splashes of paint and amazing attempts at corporate logos were emblazoned across the vehicles. One by one the final builds were inspected to ensure they met the prerequisite specifications, and when all was said and done, all 3 teams were ready to do their business out on the track!

The Big Grand Prix had arrived, as one by one our racers set off around the track, rip roaring and huge speeds as each driver pedalled with all their might!  After each lap, the racers needed to come into the pits to swap over drivers, before heading back out around the track. There were incredible over-take maneuverers throughout, risky corner cutting and some serious aesthetic damage done to the cars as our teams battled full out to take home the victory in each race. When the final Grand Prix came to a conclusion, it was clear that all our racers were spent, having left nothing more to give out on the track – a truly inspiring driving display from all! The final points from throughout the whole day were totted up and added to the final Racing Positions, and we were ready to announce our overall Soapbox Derby champions…!

In 3rd place (out of 3!) with a valiant effort throughout was the Magnificent 7 team – though they were quick to complain about the scoring! Second place was wrapped up by I-C, meaning that the mighty International Winners Come First took home the top prize and lifted the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy aloft to huge cheers. A fantastic day of team building had been thoroughly enjoyed by the entire IWCF team, and a big shout out and thank you must go to Laura and the entire organising committee for their efforts in pulling together such a brilliant team building event. We really hope the photos bring back some great memories from the day, it has been a pleasure working with IWCF, and we look forward to the big re-match next time!

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stephen hazley

Another great team building event with IWCF on probably the hottest day of the decade ! Such an impressive group of fun loving competitors at every stage of the Soapbox Challenge - you made it a real treat to work with you once again and really raised the bar on performance yet again. What will we come up with next time to challenge you !!!! Stephen



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