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Posted: Jul 17 2015

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Team Challenge Company once again renewed a long standing and fruitful partnership this week. Visiting some familiar and friendly faces from the best high school in town, Our Lady & St Chads Academy! The town, of course, was wonderful Wolverhampton, nestled in the heart of England's Black Country. Their second event with us within a couple of months promised to be both memorable and spectacular. This time it was the fabled Crystal Challenge!

The faculty could not wait to get their teeth into the surprises we had in store for them! Right on cue, the clouds parted to reveal a wonderful summer sun, a fitting opening to the day as teams A1 to A12 began to size each other up. Perhaps a few planning retribution for their teams defeat in the S1 Soapbox Derby only a month earlier! With 24 exuberant and competitive teams battling it out for top dog today, everyone knew a strong start could be the catalyst to a successful afternoon! The prize on offer was the highly sought after Team Challenge Company winner’s trophy - the focal point of any self-respecting trophy cabinet!

The day kicked into action as our budding enthusiasts swarmed towards their first activities of the day. The physical Chicken, Fox and Grain lay in wait for teams 9-12. Team A9 immediately on the back foot with a catastrophic mix up! Their Fox gobbling down the Chicken after some miscommunication! A12 raced out of the traps with a commanding and efficient performance, followed closely by A10 and 11. Across the field, A2 slung their catapult a considerable distance to stake their claim as contenders. The tricky Interlocker claimed its first victims of the day as only one group managed the completion faze. The individual bonus rounds could come to the rescue of a few teams who were really struggling; a brief chance of respite from the intensity of the Crystal Challenge!

The A2’s marched on confidently with superb performances at the Chicken, Fox and Grain, and on the Riddles! They would almost certainly be in our Grand Finale come 3.30! They had already amassed 5 crystals to date and were looking to add to that tally at the nail it. As we came towards the midway point A8 went about their business with minimum fuss but maximum effort. Slipping under the radar as they quietly totaled an amazing 6 crystals! Knocking A2 off their perch! At the other end of the spectrum A4 were having a miserable time of it, winning absolutely nothing and not catching a break. A 5, 6 and 7 were also propping up the table with a meager 1 jewel to their name. Things just didn't go their way! As the first round drew to a tumultuous ending, some teams’ fate had already been sealed. Others knew they could look forward to the Dash for Cash crescendo at the end of the day.

After a gorgeous lunch, the games remained. The A’s were replaced by the B’s and would tackle exactly the same activities in their pursuit of glory. Could they do better than their counterparts? Could they excel where their colleagues failed? Time would only tell. B4 roared out of the blocks with the best catapult of the day, dwarfing all that had gone prior. B8 expertly broke through the Interlocker barrier with some decisive play and clear communication. They then furthered their prowess by blasting home the nail on the Nail It and slamming the ball in on the drop zone! Hot on their heels were B 11 and 12 who put in a punishing performance in the mid afternoon heat on the Chicken Fox and Grain. Just behind were B6, 9 and 10 who had mixed fortunes on the Interlocker and Drop Zone.

Word began to spread of the A’s success. This may have hindered the progress of some as the majority of the B’s never really for going. Their dream was over before it had started. As the finale rapidly approached the B’s had one last hurrah as their star pupils 4 and 8 bagged themselves further gems. B 2, 5 and 7 however succumbed to dwindling in the doldrums of the foot of the table. They would share bottom place with A4 and ultimately took home the dreaded Wooden Spoon in an expected ending. The smiles on their faces tainted by sadness and desperation. Losers!

But as the clock ticked round to 3.30, it was the moment we had all been waiting for. The Dash for Cash Finale! Our top 6 teams sent their grabber into the Famous Crystal Dome for the last time! The team with the most money would take home the gong. It was as simple as that. One by one they entrusted their chosen one with their teams fate. As the competitors were greeted with a rapturous crackle of applause, the outsiders entered first. 12 seconds inside for B8 and 4, A12 and 2. They gave it their all in a highly charged ending to proceedings. Team A3 won the most crystals of the day and spent 18 seconds inside! An age compared to the teams on 12. Mrs Jack in the box Chloe was 15 seconds inside the dome for A2 but made up for it in an agile and impressive outing. Was it enough? Did she grab the most cash? As the rampant crowd awaited the final outcome they were also reflecting on what a memorable and fun filled afternoon. They didn't have long to wait. 

The final placings were B8 in 6th with £120 taken. Maria falling agonisingly short. A3 were in 5th with £180. The 18seconders collapsing in their quest for greatness. In 4th were A12 on £200. In 3rd were B4, the highest placing B team on £240. In the worst place of all however were A8, falling short by just £20 on £280. But the big winners A2! On £300. Chloe's jack in the box antics paying off a treat! They are an illustrious company as the newly crowned Crystal Challenge champions! Well done to them and everyone else who took part. A fantastic afternoon with some genuinely lovely people. See you again next month for........??? You choose! A big thanks to Sue and the team for ensuring the day ran so smoothly.

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Another great event with Our Lady St Chads! Love working with you guys and hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Looking forward to the brainstorm for your next event!



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