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Posted: Sep 04 2015

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The wonderful backdrop of Macdonald Cardrona Hotel & Spa played host to a fun-filled and uber-competitive afternoon of team building for our guests from Shepherd & Wedderburn, which took the form of our brand new GPS Tablet Treasure Hunt.

As our guests finished up their morning conferencing and enjoyed a brilliant lunch, a sense of nervous anticipation crept amongst the group – heightened only when the teams were announced and the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy was shown off, all teams hoping to take it back to the office in triumph!

A quick technical brief and choosing of team names was in order, and in no time at all we had ‘Fake it Til You Make It’, ‘The Power Posers’, ‘Get Down and Give Me 30’ and ‘Shepherd and Where Have We Been’ got ready to head out onto the grounds of Macdonald Cardrona Hotel and Spa with Team Selfies pinging into the Control Centre within minutes.

Our GPS Tablet Treasure Hunt would see each of our teams using their very own state of the art mobile-tablet which was pre-loaded with our Go Team GPS Tablet Treasure Hunt App, and on which we had designed a bespoke treasure trail for our Shepherd & Wedderburn guests to enjoy and compete in throughout, all in an effort to be crowned champions. The Treasure Hunt led teams around the course, challenging them to answer cryptic questions, take part in photo and video challenges, find secret locations and have a crack at completing some fun challenges and questions that focused on their own team at Shepherd & Wedderburn. On top of all this, we also had numerous team building tasks to complete throughout the afternoon, ensuring that there was plenty to keep our teams on their toes throughout the away-day.

There were so many highlights from our GPS Treasure Hunt event with our guests, far too many to mention – however, we have included some of our most favourite moments from the day below. Over at the Stepping Stones team task we had plenty of ‘team spirit’ being shown as our guests huddled up as close as possible in a bid to complete the challenging course as quickly as possible. Team Get Down were sensational in their approach, whilst Team Fake It spent much of their time giggling through the course – all part of the banter!

Our Control Centre had the perfect view of our team haring all over the fabulous grounds of Macdonald Cardrona Hotel and Spa, and we had some amazing photos streaming through to us throughout the afternoon. From Where Have We Been’s angry looking selfies through to the Power Posers pointing out the blindingly obvious when they found the red ribbon, there were plenty of great images for us to pour over and score – many of them gaining maximum points! We were hugely impressed by the athleticism shown by Team Get Down over at the Bridge Photo Challenge, and Team Fake It had an amazing photo of their whole team on a bench…which seemed to quickly become a broken bench as the photo was being taken!!!

There were further great highlights over at the Chip Shot Golf challenge, as our sensational school-work-placement Greg put our teams through their paces as they bid to score as many points as possible…unfortunately this proved quite difficult for Team Get Down, who scored zero (that’s right, absolutely nothing!) when the competition rolled round! Team Where Have We Been and The Power Posers, however, showed us how it was done in and around the greens, showing off Rory McIlroy-esque skills and scoring maximum points! Further Treasure Trail challenges with big points up for grabs were enjoyed by all teams, before they came back together for a final time at our Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Finale. What a hit this was, with massive cheers echoing around the resort, as shot after shot the competition really heated up! In the end, the Power Posers proved Top Dogs on the Laser Clays, scoring great bonus points towards their final score.

With all that said and done for the GPS Tablet Treasure Hunt, our teams headed back inside to be welcomed by a full presentation of all photos and images that the teams had taken on the day – many of them greeted rapturous applause and plenty of laughter…! As the photos whirled round, our final scores were counted and verified, and it was with a sense of huge excitement that our guests listened in to the final results…! Propping up the pile in 4th place, and taking home the Wooden Spoon was Shepherd and Where Have We Been, with a final score of 1025 points. Third spot (and by just 15 points!) was the Power Posers, and just missing out on top spot was Team Fake It Til We Make It, with a final score of 1250 points. However, the victors proved unstoppable throughout the entire afternoon, and the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy went to the mighty Get Down and Give Me 30 with 1325 points – what a bunch of legends!

A massive shout out and thank you must go to Carole and Julie for their amazing efforts in organising such a fun-filled and successful away-day for the entire team at Shepherd & Wedderburn – it really was a pleasure to work with you all (especially the Mitchell brothers, amazing to have famous celebrities in the audience!), and we certainly hope to see you all again soon for the re-match!

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An awesome afternoon of Team Building and laughter to keep the sun shining. Thank you to Carol and Julie for organising a memorable away day with many amazing moments. A shout out to Greig for his energy too - an enjoyable day : )



What a fun-filled and fantastic afternoon of team building with the Shepherd & Wedderburn team, so many hilarious highlights from the day! My own personal favourite had to be our photo slideshow to wrap the day up in style, with so many brilliant images to show off from the day! Great effort from all teams in such creative photo-taking! A massive shout out and thank you must go to Carole for all her hard work and effort in organising the day and making it such a success, and also to Julie for all her efforts in providing us with bespoke, fun questions and challenges for the Shepherd & Wedderburn team to pit their knowledge against (it seemed that many found these questions most difficult!) A pleasure to work with you all, and hope to see you all again soon.



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