Team Development and Pressure Zone with Technip

Posted: Nov 01 2013

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The Rox Hotel welcomed a team from Technip, for a day of Team Development followed by an exciting Pressure Zone Challenge. Everyone had an extremely productive morning as we covered company values, expectations and what everyone would like to achieve from the day, to then take back in to the workplace. We explored different ways on how to take the team further as a whole and how each individual can make a difference in their respective areas.

Blind Mans Buff was our first challenge, in which each team were blindfolded and not allowed to speak with one another but had to arrange themselves in numerical order from lowest to highest. Each team had their own strategy and put a huge amount of effort in. Unfortunately the numbers did not add up first time round. Having really enjoyed the activity, the team were then set the task of completing this with all 20 people at once! After sharing the knowledge in a group discussion, they were blindfolded again. This time they achieved a reasonable level of success with only a few numbers out of place.

The afternoon saw the group split into 4 teams: Norfolk and Chance, I Just Farted, Quick Google It and Wyslexic Dankers!!! All 4 teams tackled individual activities in order to win £100 notes which would ultimately determine the destination of the Team Challenge Company trophy. The Pressure Zone proved to be fast paced, exciting and for some, quite challenging. Wyslexic Dankers were off to a flyer on the index, while Norfolk and Chance strived to defeat the step up. Pounds were won and lives were lost on subsequent games such as Hole in One, Flop It, Landing Strip and The Descent. The lure of double money got the pulses racing for quick google it.

Everyone gave it their all right to our finale - Tier drop. This was make or break time! When the scores came in we were all amazed at what had happened.....on £1900 pounds and in joint last place (a team challenge first) sharing the wooden spoon were Norfolk and Chance and I Just Farted! And incredibly, the drama did not end there! We had a sudden death tier drop play off as Wyslexic Dankers and Quick Google It both ended the day on £2400! After beating the Pressure Zone at the 24th hour it was Quick Google It who grabbed the glory ahead of early favourites Wyslexic Dankers. This ended an action packed afternoon in spectacular style. Thank you to Pauline, who organised all of the details for this event, we hope you all had a great time and we look forward to working with you again.

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