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Posted: Oct 14 2013

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As the team from Fossil's brand new Oxford Street branch arrived at the Holiday Inn in Stratford they were thrown into the deep end with an activity coming up with some great fun names before starting off their Team Development Event. Throughout the event the team were reminded how important their company values were and then competed in a variety of different challenges including the ever challenging Helium Stick, the puzzling Crane Build, the NASA Challenge, the exciting Bridge Build and of course the Interlocker which certainly tested everyone's patience, but their determination got the teams through with a little help!

Helium Stick was a great way to start if the day with everyone automatically getting stuck in. In the end our team managed it no problem and with a great time of 45 seconds too! The Crane Build was something different for our teams to experience which saw them try their hardest to build a tall structure! NASA challenge was full if puzzles for our team to solve and they were certainly good at using their surroundings to get ahead, something which made all the difference! To finish off our day we had bridge build. Both teams brought out their inner engineer to build a bridge that would enable an RC car to cross.

It was close but not close enough for Team 2 as their bridge collapsed. Team 1 were victorious as their structure held up! After a fun packed morning both our teams were still smiling at the end of the day and went away having learnt something valuable to help them in the future! Thank you to Giselle, who had organised the event for the team, it was clear to see all of the hard work had paid off. We look forward to working with you again.

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