West Lothian Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinner

Posted: Nov 29 2019

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We had the pleasure of hosting the entertainment at the successful West Lothian Chamber of Commerce Awards dinner. It was lovely to be at Macdonald Houstoun House to host some quiz night fun for the 250+ guests.

Following on from an introduction to the evening and an opening speech, the first award for Enterprising School Award was first up to set the scene of the evening and have everyone geared up for an evening of entertainment and rewards. Following on from this we had a Social Media awards then it was over to Team Challenge Company to open the night with “Hit or Miss”! Guests did their best to identify the UK chart topping songs being played in a bid to grab the first set of points for the night! Table 13 and 18 proved themselves to be top of the charts with 100 points straight off.

Throughout dinner we had other rounds scheduled in between! First up was “Movie Quotes?”, guests heard an array of movie quotes and had to guess which movie this was from! Team 3 and 18 again were definite movie buffs coming out on top here! Could they keep it up for Name the Tune? Could guests do more than remember the rest of the lyrics and name the song they are hearing? The tension was high as guests pulled together to remember the songs.

After a General Knowledge round, it was time to wrap up the scores on the doors for all the guests – what a fun evening was had by all! Team 19, 18 and 13 proved themselves the most knowledgeable on all fronts, gaining the highest points throughout and being our top scorers of the night. However, it was team 19 that provided themselves to be the best all rounders and took home the Team Challenge Company Trophy – I’m sure there will be a rotation scheduled in for who has the trophy at their desk.

Many thanks for choosing us to host the evening entertainment, it was great to be back and host your evening for you. We look forward to working with you and the guests again in the future! Special thanks to Nicole at West Lothian Chamber of Commerce for all your assistance in the lead up to the night.

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