What makes us different from other Team Building Companies?

Posted: Jun 29 2014

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There are lots of team building companies across the UK and Ireland, operating locally and nationally, that can deliver a wide variety of corporate activity days. At Team Challenge Company we pride ourselves in our unique approach to team building, and the enormous range of personalised events that we can offer our clients. 

Unrivalled excitement and energy The main thing that sets us apart from our competitors is our delivery of the Team Challenge Company experience. This is our guarantee that we can deliver a memorable experience filled with fun and excitement. It is the unforgettable ‘buzz' and electric atmosphere of high energy and excitement that our clients and guests feel at every stage of dealing with us. The Team Challenge Company experience begins the very moment of your initial enquiry and continues across all stages of your contact with our professional and experienced team. On the day, our team building facilitators will look after each and every element of your event to ensure that you and your guests have a truly outstanding experience. Top quality equipment, directly owned and operated One of the most important elements of our service is our ability to cut out the proverbial middle-man and completely manage your entire event by virtue of owning and operating all of our own equipment. We do not simply provide a series of contacts to connect you with a range of suppliers; we directly provide the top quality equipment and outstanding staff that will be there on the day delivering your corporate team building activities. As well as the activities, all of our packages are inclusive of fully trained event staff that will operate the activities on the day ensuring the safety of your guests. The enthusiasm and passion of our team will also encourage maximum participation to ensure the enjoyment of your guests. Having your entire event come from one place not only ensures the smooth running of all elements of your day, it also makes things easier for you in working with just one contact to make your day possible. 

Completely bespoke event packages As well as all of this, each and every one of our events is completely bespoke, tailor-made to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Our wide range of team building products are available for you to choose your event style and format, and then are built in accordance with your requirements with a unique combination of individual activities. This means that we can deliver an event that focuses on exactly what skills are relevant to your team and your business. If you would like some more information or wish to enquire about booking one of our team building events across the UK, get in touch with our team today. Our friendly and experienced event management team will be delighted to answer any questions you have about our team building range, or any other of our corporate event services, so that we can work with you and your team to make your event...The Event!

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