Escape The Virus

It’s a race against time in Outbreak: Escape the Virus, as teams must put all their skills to the test in order to succeed! Time is critical and collaboration is the key to victory in this fun, immersive team-building activity.

Encouraging participants to think outside the box, competition and creativity are essential skills needed to help teams effectively beat the challenge and gain maximum benefit from the experience. Promote collaborative problem-solving and recognise the unique strengths of individual team members in Outbreak: Escape the Virus, directly from Team Challenge Company.

How Does it Work?

Teams must combine their various skills and individual strengths to develop creative solutions and crack a code. In order to win, they must enter the code into an electronic combination lock to unlock the box before their time is up!

Key Business Benefits

  • Recognising Individual Strengths
  • Creative Thinking
  • Collaborative Problem Solving 
  • Think Outside the Box

At the start of the event, teams are instructed to watch an intriguing video. It states that a few months ago, a synthetic virus that destroys people’s ability to communicate and collaborate was discovered. A team of international scientists were in the process of developing a vaccine against the virus, but they were tragically infected during their work.

The scientists are now unable to cooperate, but luckily they had encrypted, locked up, and hid their findings to keep the vaccine safe. Now, you and your team must tackle the challenge of discovering the vaccine and save the world!

In Outbreak: Escape the Virus, teams must open the boxes, decrypt the codes, and bring the correct DNA samples to the analyser. It’s a creative, collaborative team building activity perfect for promoting effective team bonding. Our professional, highly skilled team will be on hand throughout the duration of the event in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and each participant gains the maximum benefit from the activity.

Can your team discover the vaccine before it’s too late?

Rewards and Learning Outcomes

At the end of the event, teams will come away with a whole host of skills that are directly transferable across to the office environment.

Team Challenge Company’s Outbreak: Escape the Virus event is designed with specific learning outcomes in mind. Providing a whole host of valuable benefits, this immersive team building activity is ideal for recognising the unique strengths of individuals on the team.

Successful teams must combine their varying skillsets to develop creative solutions to the problems they must solve. Strong time management is also key to success, and teams need to collaborate and think outside the box in order to reach success.

Our aim is to create engaging, valuable team building events and activities which will encourage team bonding and the development of important core and soft skills alike. Outbreak: Escape the Virus will benefit both your team and the business as a whole, providing the ideal opportunity to focus on boosting productivity and developing key skillsets.

If you would like additional information about Outbreak: Escape the Virus or any of our other team building activities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Our dedicated team will be more than happy to help you create the perfect team building day for your team’s requirements.

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