Produce Toys for Disadvantaged Youths

Build a process, build a team and help a child in need. Toy Factory is a new Corporate Social Responsibility concept with focus on efficiency and creativity.

How It Works

Teams are provided with a mixed bag of wooden parts and are challenged to combine the pieces to produce a range of high quality children’s toys. Participants are given three-dimensional blue prints to guide them through the process and give the details for a whole range of toy designs. The toys are checked for quality and then creatively decorated with brand colours. Once the construction and design of the toys is complete, the teams come up with fun, educational games using their toys. A fun and informal finale allows each team to take the stage and talk the rest of the teams through their designs and educational games. 

Learning Outcomes

Teams aim to achieve customer satisfaction by creating efficient production lines and quality control systems. Teams must maintain a good dynamic to ensure success, as each team member must be involved and be productive.   

Corporate Responsibility

Any left extra game material and the toys that teams create are donated to a local children’s charity, school or home of your choice.

Key Business Benefits

  • Cross Functional co-operation
  • Exploring Excellence
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Team Dynamics
  • Uniting Teams
  • Corporate Responsibility 
  • Project Planning 
  • Stimulating Creativity 
  • Practical Leadership 

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