Harmonica Jam Session

A high energy experience, that literally, blows away perceived limitations to prove that with teamwork, good communication and belief, anything is possible.

How It Works

This activity kicks off with a Harmonica demonstration from the facilitators of the day. Participants are then guided through exercises for breathing and basic techniques for playing the harmonica. The participants become more comfortable and familiar with the Harmonica and increasingly proficient. Before they know it, they are playing away in harmony to the infectious rhythms of harmonica tunes. By the time the activity is finished, the participants will be left feeling energised, exhilarated and united in their achievement together.

Learning Outcomes

Harmonica Harmony is a highly rewarding team activity providing fun and motivation to the participants. It will open individual’s minds to what is possible when they do not limit themselves. The achievement of playing music together in harmony unites teams, enhancing team dynamics in a unique and exciting way. The use of music is a proven way of opening peoples’ minds for developing creative thinking, innovation and lateral problem solving.

Key Business Benefits

  • Challenges Personal Limits
  • Focuses The Mind 
  • Creates a Positive Attitude 
  • Promotes Creative Thinking 
  • Enhances Team Dynamics
  • Energising a Conference 
  • Fun & Motivation 
  • Networking 
  • Exploring Excellence


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