Turn Pollution Into Art

Teams combine their various skills to develop a moving, and cohesive work of art with basic resources.

How It Works

Each team is presented with a variety of colourful flip-flop blanks, craft materials and mobile construction paraphernalia. Their challenge is to turn these basic resources into a moving and cohesive work of art.

Teams either work to specific themes, or collaborate to form one giant kinetic sculpture creatively balancing shape, colour, fluidity and spatial relationships. Teams to consider the balance points of mobile construction, and balance individual roles in relation to the overall goal. As the activity concludes, teams celebrate each other’s creations, and decorate their environment with a lasting statement of team purpose.

Learning Outcomes

Sole Responsibility is a great way for teams to bond and connect with company culture, while contributing to positive societal and environmental causes. The appealing nature of the raw materials instantly engages all participants. Teams must employ innovation, out of the box thinking, and creativity to utilise the resources in an effective way. With a lot to achive in a short space of time, this activity is a fantastic tool for exploring project management, and team dynamics. Success requires decisive action, team cohesion and collaborative individual responsibility.

Key Business Benefits

  • Engaging With Company Values
  • Innovative Thinking 
  • Project Management 
  • Individual Responsibility
  • Out of The Box Thinking 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ocean Sole are a social enterprise who uphold the ethos of ‘Trade not Aid’. They harvest over 500,000 flip-flops from Kenya’s beaches each year, and employ over 90 local artisans to carve ‘blocks’ of these discarded flips-flops into artistic sculptures. We’ve worked closely with Ocean Sole to develop exclusive, single skin ‘blanks’, one flip-flop in thickness. Once colour coded, glued and sanded, these ‘blanks’ provide a pleasingly tactile, flexible, raw material for creative application.

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