Our Tech-Based Gamification events are specifically designed to develop and challenge your team in a truly unique, creative and memorable way. Team Challenge Company is part of a global revolution in team building, and working with current trends and research in intelligent game design and motivational dynamics, our tech-based team building events and business simulations provide an ideal team building solution for you and your team.


If you are looking to provide your team with a challenge that they can learn and grow from, then look no further than our Tech-Based Gamification activities. These events can be an excellent way to reward group performance whilst helping to improve specific key skills to your working environment, all of which is strengthened with the element of team competition.

From GPS treasure hunts to tablet-based team quizzes, and from high level business simulations to tech-based conference breakout sessions, at Team Challenge Company, we pride ourselves on offering truly innovative team building events to our customers. Whether members of your team would like to explore a city of your choice in a unique, entertaining and memorable way, or if you would like to focus on specific business issues such as accountability, risk management and strategic planning, make sure to book your event with us today.

Choose from our wide range of activities and, whether you are looking for a full or half-day session, work with us to create the perfect Tech-Based Gamification team building and development event for you and your team.

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