All Or Nothing Day: Make It Count

Posted: Jul 27 2016

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Doing more, being more. It is part of the human condition to yearn for more. Whether that is a promotion at work, a larger than life adventure, or a sense of self-improvement and growth.

That is why July 26th is going to be one of Team Challenge Company's favourite days in 2016.

"Why?", You ask? Because it is All Or Nothing Day. If the name didn't give it away already, let us explain.

We love encouraging teams and individuals to push themselves harder, step outside of their comfort zones, and knock life out of the park. So a whole day dedicated to breaking down barriers and seizing every moment is right up our street.

Wondering how you can get involved with All Or Nothing Day while you're sat at work? Check out our ideas below:

Be a better you

Start at point A: you. All Or Nothing Day is your chance to bite the bullet and go for the promotion you want. It is your opportunity to block out the nay-sayers and embrace a new experience you've been putting off. Maybe you will want to train up on something or take an exam, maybe you'll book a flight to some far away land. Maybe you will just make a conscious effort to be a nicer, calmer, more polite individual. Going all out and being a better you is a great way to embrace the philosophy of this day.

Do the right thing, in the next moment

A key bit of advice to carry with you long past All Or Nothing Day is doing the right thing in the next moment. This is an easy way to be a better person and ensure you do the right thing for others. Whether that is stepping up and helping out, backing down and apologising for something instead of dragging it out in a fight, or holding the door open when you'd normally rush through with blinkers on. Being present in the moment and worrying about the next moment, rather than the "big picture" breaks being better into bite-sized, manageable chunks.

Take one for the team

Help out with someone's stack of paperwork, cover the phones, take time out of your day to spread cheer amongst your colleagues. It might be something simple, like a tea round or bringing in baked goods for everyone, or you might go all out and organise a fun-filled, action-packed team building day where your team can enjoy some all-or-nothing experiences of their own.   

So make the most of All Or Nothing Day. Fly solo, or better yet, get your teammates on board. With everyone gathered and going for it 9 to 5, you can be sure of a fun-filled day and a brilliant bonding experience. Embrace new opportunities, let yourself be proactive and driven, and who knows, you may just find you like the All Or Nothing mentality enough to make it stick!

Carpe diem!

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