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Posted: Dec 11 2014

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With just over 10 weeks to ago I am starting to feel it all becoming real now and best get my actions into shape and update all on progress.

My training consists of three different types, core and balance to help with the endurance, speed and stamina to make sure I can cope with difficult moments of effort and power to strengthen the legs for pulling the sled.

 I started doing pull ups, press up and circuits which wasn’t pretty if you happened to be in Pitreavie sports hall.

Who would have thought that after 20 press up 10 pull ups, 1 minute skipping and an exercise called farmers walk I would be ready for cake and a sleep. I was surprised at 1. how little I could do and 2. how quickly now after 4 weeks I can do.

We kicked off with Crane Construction which saw our teams hit great heights in their bid to earn the first crystals of the afternoon. The Beauties recorded a semi-lacklustre 152cm, whilst 4Play and 3Dom nailed 170cm and 180cm respectively. However in what might be a TCC record, team 2 Good reached an unbelievable 210cm... heroes.

Injuries have been small and mainly in the hips lol so have started to run 3 times a week as well to stretch out the muscles and ensure I use all of the muscles available, my training partner and beaster Jamie has been relentless and spends much of his time helping me to increase strength in my core and who would have know that a “Hip Drop” would hurt so much.

One great upside from the effort is that I now can bend over without that over 40 groan and semi rush of blood to the head. I have started training using what can only be described as the torture rack but Jamie calls it TRX and despite me saying “come on you can’t seriously tell me this isn’t for wimps” haha boy was I wrong to underestimate the power of two ropes.

Thanks everyone for the support and the good wishes especially to all who beep and wave at me on the Pitreavie Pitches especially to the dog walkers they have become regular fans of the “crazy man” pulling steel behind him as one nice dog walker referred to me as.


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