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Posted: Oct 14 2015

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Positive Vibes

Adopt the “leave home at home and work to work” approach because it really works. A lot of us let our personal issues get in the way of work and then gradually lose motivation. Let work be your escape; be positive, be yourself.


It is true that smiling takes less effort than frowning. Ever noticed that horrid headache that tends to creep up when you’re stressed out? Smile and you will automatically feel chirpier, and the world smiles with you. Another thing to remember, if you are a customer-focused company, is that a customer can detect a smile in your voice. Ensure you represent your brand with pride; that’s what you’re there for.

Thinking Positive

If everyone concentrated on all the negative things, then the world would be a completely miserable place. Think of all the good things about your life and work. Always combat a negative with a positive. Thinking about something that makes you happy promotes positive thoughts and feelings. Have something to look forward to, even if it is an aim or goal, or even a holiday; think about it and you’ll head the right way.

Good Deed of the Day

Doing something positive helps keep you upbeat. That sense of humbleness and satisfaction that follows an act of kindness is incredible. Do something for someone else and you’ll even feel like the Good Samaritan. Feel good about yourself as a person.

Hum Along

Humming to yourself can pick up your mood automatically; be it a tune that reminds you of a happier time, or just one that is personal to yourself. Hum away and create a better atmosphere for yourself and those around you.


Posture is incredibly important to the way you feel, talk and sound. Sitting slumped at a desk when answering a call will become quite transparent to the caller. Sit up straight, shoulders back with confidence; you will automatically feel perkier and more energetic.

Midday Booster Challenge

Introduce a five-minute team game to your day, to motivate, pick up and integrate your team. Get that energy up and rolling again to finish off those last few crucial hours of the day.
Remember, productivity in the workplace is best when people are happy. Use these building blocks as a ‘pick me up’ reminder. Above all, ensure your team are smiling and introduce team building events. Give Team Challenge Company a call today to discuss your needs and let us help you plan your next team building event.

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