Posted: Jun 20 2016

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Does your team look motivated and full of smiles on a Monday morning - or do they feel a little sluggish and stressed about the week ahead? To provide your staff with a working environment that they are happy and willing to be a part of five days a week, there are many ways that you, as an employer or manager, can help.

Boosting productivity and reducing the stress placed on your team can be easily achieved and maintained in just a few simple changes to your office culture. Establishing cultivated procedures will do wonders for the atmosphere and mood in your office.

First and foremost, one of the best ways to bring your team together with unison and enthusiasm is with team building events. All across the UK, there are teams just like yours, looking for a rejuvenating experience that will encourage department collaboration and teamwork.

However, for many businesses, it isn't always feasible to schedule and organise team building events on a monthly or quarterly basis. That being said, there are still a number of things you can do that will lead to your team loving Monday's just as much as they do Friday's.

  • Trust your staff, and give them new areas of responsibility. This not only allows them to grow and develop confidence, but it also makes them feel appreciated and less stagnant within their role
  • Keep staff in the know. Share important news - good or bad, and they will feel like a valued part of the team

  • Encourage staff to take ownership and responsibility. Not only will they take pride in their work but they will work harder to ensure it
  • Treat your employees like adults, be respectful and straightforward with them if you have any causes for concern
  • Be the boss. You can be a friend and encourage open communication, but ultimately you are the boss and at times need staff to respect that. Consistency is key!
  • Keep your staff engaged by allowing opportunities for training and development. Personal development is an important area for motivation!

  • Money isn't everything. While salary negotiations are critical at the interview stage, remuneration isn't half as important as a flexible and friendly working environment
  • Be as flexible as you can. Allow working from home where possible, consider flexi-hours for those that need it most and work towards a situation that is beneficial for both parties
  • Allow individuality to shine through. While some offices call for a stricter dress code, many others don't.
  • Set appropriate guidelines but don't stifle the personality in your team

Incorporating these important elements of a successful working culture into your daily office life isn't hard, but the results garnered will be positive for all involved. With a workforce that is happy and motivated instead of gloomy and stressed, you will soon see progress throughout the entire business.

To kick-start your journey to ‘Motivational Monday's', feel free to contact Team Challenge Company to arrange team building activities around the UK.

Our team of expert event organisers will work with you to ensure your business gets exactly what it needs. 

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