Posted: Sep 15 2016

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Whether you think your business and team of employees are fine as they are, chances are you could still benefit from team building activities. Even companies and market leaders that are highly experienced in their industries could benefit from such events, due to the ever-evolving nature of the workforce.

Put simply, to the above question there is only one answer: yes.

Why? Because communication is essential and, sometimes, wires get crossed, and mistakes happen. This can lead to conflict and issues with trust bubbling beneath the surface that need to be addressed for the benefit of the entire business.

Not only will team building activities help ease the tension, creating harmony in the workplace, but there are so many other benefits to be gained, that many business experts believe it should be incorporated into overall strategies and personnel development time.


  • Higher level of productivity thanks to improved working relationships and the element of competition
  • Morale is built thanks to a stress-relieving afternoon that was enjoyable and beneficial to all
  • Essential workplace skills such as problem solving and communication are improved


When conflict arises in the workplace, it can be tough to resolve. Personality clashes are always going to happen, but sometimes this can transfer into passion within a work context which can lead to heated discussions. However, studies have shown that team building activities scheduled into the diary on a regular basis - maybe fortnightly or monthly - can help to ease this tension by improving personal relationships between colleagues. The more your team get on, the more mutual respect grows.

Choosing a neutral setting for your regular get together's is for the best as the mind can easily wander to work at hand when stuck in the office.


Like any relationship, trust is important. In the workplace, colleagues need to trust in others skills and abilities in order to work efficiently and as a team. This is especially important when clients have complex needs that require cross-department interaction.

Moreover, a team will be much happier safe in the knowledge that their skills and job are appreciated and acknowledged by those around them.


Furthermore, for team building to improve your team on a long-term basis, you need to have team building activities organised on a regular basis. This not only keeps up momentum on a professional level, but it allows personal relationships to continue and develop, too, which will only improve the business as a whole.

Organising events that are suitable for all personalities and abilities can be difficult, so let us do it for you. Our expert team of event managers are on hand to ensure that your business benefits from team building in every way possible. Give us a call on 03300 04 09 03 today.

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