Does Team Building Actually Work?

Posted: Nov 11 2013

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We recently had a look at the Best 100 Small Companies and the 100 Best Companies in the Sunday Times. Throughout the report it was stressed how important role team building and team bonding activities were. We feel this speaks volumes to confirm that team building is worthwhile. There were lots of pictures of the Top 100 best small companies to work for, and many of these were of employees enjoying team building events and corporate fun days. In fact 63% of the photos showed the listed companies’ employees involved in team building activities or corporate activity days. A further 44% of photos for the Top 100 best companies to work for also showed this team building ethic within their companies too. From these lists we can clearly see that employee engagement and social activities help people enjoy their jobs more and we know that people who enjoy their jobs stay in their jobs longer. We are noticing that companies are beginning to swap their budgets around and are now using some of the recruitment budget on staff retention and this can be done through team building which encourages staff enjoyment and team development. So why not look at ways you can use your Recruitment or Human Resources budget in partnership with professional team building companies who can help you to continue on your road to success – who knows we may even help you get onto next year’s Top 100!

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