Dream Team: A dash of this, A pinch of that

Posted: Jun 15 2015

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Have you ever tried to cook or bake a popular dish - one that everybody knows and loves - only to have it turn out a little less than perfect?

Perhaps you wanted to treat the family to home-baked bread or celebrate a special office birthday with a homemade Victoria Sponge, but when you watched everyone take the first bite, their faces said it all...

Well, this foodie faux pas was more than likely down to a simple but crucial mistake. Missing ingredients, missed steps in the recipe, or perhaps just a misunderstanding of what you're meant to ‘proof' and when you're meant to ‘knead' are the kind of fundamentals that need our full attention.

The same goes for those working in teams.

If you want a solid and effective team that drives the business forward and guarantees results, you need to make sure you follow the recipe.

Team support and development, in the form of training and team building activities, are the important steps you need to follow whilst resources like team building specialists and the extensive research out there regarding teamwork make for valuable and useful tools.

So if you have all the right utensils and you know what to do with everything to get to the sweet taste of success, what else do you need? The right ingredients!

Read on to see the main five ingredients you need to build a dream team.


An energetic team can make even the toughest day seem that little bit smoother. A long month of strict deadlines, manic workloads and jam-packed days can take its toll on people, but if your team can generate their own buzz and keep high levels of positive energy, they will be far better off for it.


Arguably the most important ingredient of any team is synergy. After all, you need a team to work together seamlessly, especially in the workplace. As such, you need to ensure there is plenty of cooperation and collaboration, as well as clear communication and ‘team spirit' (an abstract term, yes, but essential all the same).


Half the battle in the workplace is coming up with new ways to grow, develop and improve. This can be on a small scale, like when is the best time of day for brainstorms, or it can be on a larger scale, such as when you completely revamp your company's strategy. Either way, creativity is essential; not just to keep things interesting, but also to ensure you are able to problem-solve and think out-of-the-box.


Naturally, in a work situation, productivity is a must. You need to ensure that you strike the right balance between your team getting on, and your team getting things done. Yes, you want to ensure they collaborate effectively, with strong relationships and good communication, but you also want to make sure they work effectively and productively to provide the best possible results.


Last but not least, your team needs tenacity. This ingredient is one to look for in individuals as well as in groups because it is the driving force. When your team demonstrates tenacity, you can rest assured that they will take pride in what they do, and pull together to overcome obstacles, meet objectives and achieve the best results every time.

And what do you do once you've found, or even honed, these fresh ingredients?

You cook up a storm.

Encourage your team to be creative and energetic, and to communicate and collaborate, all with a view to being as productive and effective as possible whilst working towards common goals. Start with a corporate fun day or some at-the-desk icebreakers everyone can have fun with. Just make sure you don't miss anything out...otherwise you'll end up with lumpy bread and soggy cake (figuratively speaking, of course)!

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