Easter Team Building Ideas

Posted: Apr 02 2015

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Easter may predominantly be for the little ones, but that doesn't mean you can't make the most of the occasion in the workplace. There are lots of ways you can incorporate the fun of Easter into the formality of a business. This time of year actually lends itself particularly well to team building. With spring knocking on the door and lots of Easter themed activities to be enjoyed, there's a lot of potential.

So read on for our suggestions as to how you can encourage team building inside and outside of the office this Easter.

During Office Hours

Secret Easter Bunny

Just like Secret Santa, the Secret Easter Bunny is all about sharing the joy and encouraging giving in the workplace. You can pop names in a hat and get everyone to choose a name at random. Once everyone has a name, they can be tasked with buying - or making - an Easter treat for their secret recipient. This activity is great fun because not only does it treat your team, but it reminds them to promote a kind, giving and sharing culture in the office.

The Great Egg Head Games

Assign everyone a partner for this one; it can be done alphabetically, according to seating arrangements, or totally at random. Once people are paired up, they can be tasked with creating eggheads of themselves. They just hard boil an egg and turn that egg into their partner using sharpies, paint, craft materials, and whatever else their imagination allows for. The individual (or pair) with the eggs that most resemble their muse win. The prize? Chocolate eggs and bunnies, of course.

Team Brunch

A team brunch, especially with an Easter twist, is always a winner. You can have your eggs however you like them (Sunny side up? Chocolate?), or maybe you can enjoy stacks of pancakes and a few hot cross buns. You can even award team members with chocolate eggs at the end, as a seasonal way of highlighting achievements. A team brunch is a simple but effective way to bring the team closer together, and it can become a regular thing too.

After Office Hours

Treasure Hunt

Is there anything better than a classic Easter Egg Hunt? Well, there's the Team Challenge Company Treasure Hunt, with an Easter twist! We keep it fast and furious with this challenging treasure hunt that tests teams and individuals alike. Experiential learning, collaboration and team unity whilst working towards a common goal all help to make this experience a top choice for teams. Choose any UK venue and we'll set up the course and for that special touch, you can even dot Easter eggs around the course or award them to the winners.

Target Zone

Target Zone activities are a great way to get outdoors, and a fun way to encourage that friendly but competitive spirit among team members. Make sure you have Easter themed prizes, like chocolate eggs and toy bunnies, to motivate your team to keep their eye on the prize and their aim on the target. You could even incorporate an Easter chick and bunny as team mascots. These activities are ideal for encouraging focus, support and fun; something you can take back to the office and put to good use.

Family Fun Day

Easter, like Christmas and Halloween, is often about the kids. So why not extend your invitation to the team and their families. Inflatable fun, children's games and activities, face painting, and the all-important Easter Egg Hunt will make for a wonderful weekend for all those involved, whatever their age.

If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to Easter team building, these ideas are a great start. For in-office entertainment, you can be as imaginative as you like, and if you want a professionally managed event, Team Challenge Company can deliver. We offer plenty in the way of activities if you just want to celebrate your team's hard work over the long weekend. So browse our site for more information or get in touch today.

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