Posted: Mar 23 2016

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Humans, by their very nature, are social creatures, which might go some way to explaining all the chit chat in and around your workplace on a daily basis. Craving human interaction is practically in our DNA, so make the most of the social opportunities this affords your staff by incorporating team building days into your hectic work schedules.   

Team building activities integrated into a day spent working on developing the strength and workmanship of your staff, is never a day spent unwisely. With Easter coming up; if you feel like your workforce could do with a team building day in reward for their hard work and to boost their morale, why not incorporate the two?

Here at Team Challenge Company, we take pride in delivering some of the finest team building days in the industry. With the ability to tailor and customise our range of events around your business, you can be sure that you get everything you wanted and more.


One of the most popular team building days that we provide our clients with is the interactive treasure hunt, which can easily be transformed into an Easter treasure hunt.

Utilising the latest GPS technology, each team receives a tablet to guide them around a city of your choice, using cryptic clues and messages. Your staff will have to work together in this race against time, searching for treasure along the way, with the ultimate Easter surprise awaiting them at the finish line.


If you've still not had your fill of Easter-themed activities, then finish off your team building day with some classic Easter egg related games and challenges. The exhilarating and tense Egg Drop is a firm favourite, the Three-legged Egg and Spoon race is a nice twist on the traditional game and you can even have an egg decoration competition.

Whichever way you decide to reward your team to give them a much-needed morale boost, make sure you do it with Team Challenge Company by your side.

In addition to a wonderful day full of memories and team building, your staff will feel energised and ready to get stuck in at work, full of a renewed sense of purpose. This is a ‘money can't buy' kind of intrinsic motivation that your business needs to succeed, and your staff will feel appreciated and productive, as well as an important member of a successful team.

For more information on any of our team building days or activities, please contact us and we'll be happy to have a chat about how we can help point your team in the right direction.

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