Posted: Nov 29 2016

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For many business owners, team building falls into one of two categories: an essential means of growing a team through training and development, or activities that hold no real benefit for the business. We're here to challenge the latter, and show you how team building activities are both beneficial and engaging for all parties.

 In the penultimate month of the year, managers' and directors' minds will often be looking back at projects and campaigns - the good results and the negatives, too - in order to plan and forecast for the year ahead. This is also a prime time to evaluate just how effective your departments, and teams within them, operate.

Assessing overall strengths and weaknesses doesn't have to automatically mean hiring and firing - it can also lead to further training and development opportunities, to ensure that the employees you do have are both fully engaged in their roles and are happy, too.


Team building is one of the best ways to get to grips with the strengths and weaknesses within your business. All too often, appraisal forms and periodic reviews can lead to hearing what your staff members think you want to hear, rather than the truth. Avoid the confusion and see for yourself by booking a festive team building event this Christmas.

Far from masquerading as a Christmas party with an ulterior motive, our team building events with a Christmas twist are the perfect combination of family fun and team games. Work with our event managers to devise the perfect festive team building experience for your business, and your employees.

How it Works

There are many benefits associated with team building. Long gone are the days of tired games in your board room; our team can source suitable locations and provide high-quality entertainment packages suitable for all ages, with an extensive range of themes and packages available.

  • Our events inject some life into the words ‘team spirit', bringing together all corners of your business
  • Competitive elements to activities ensure that your employees get a chance to bond
  • They are a welcome break from the norm, especially at this time of year - what a Christmas treat!
  • Your employees will feel valued and appreciated - not just within their role but as part of a wider team, too
  • The activities can be chosen to address specific weak points or issues that exist within your team currently
  • This gives employers a deeper understanding of each individual working for them; identifying weaknesses allows for further training opportunities and highlights strengths that deserve to be rewarded

By transforming your annual festive season get-together into a mutually beneficial team building experience, you can really see how your business is working, and your employees will feel valued and appreciated.

Make a move this holiday season and see which of our events will work for you by contacting our team today.

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