Five Indoor Team Building Activities For First-Timers

Posted: Mar 24 2015

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Team building is essential to the success of any business, whatever its size. You need to make sure that the teams working on the ground and driving the company forward are working together efficiently, productively and effectively. To do this, you need to encourage communication, collaboration and understanding through team building. 

Here at Team Challenge Company, we have a number of different team events, all of which will keep your team enthused and entertained. Of course, taking part in team building for the first time can be a little daunting, especially if it is out of your team's comfort zone.

That is why we have put together a list of our recommended indoor team building activities  for first-timers. The list (below) offers a varied selection of activities, to suit different purposes and preferences. So read on to see which ones take your fancy.

Games Mania

If you want your event to be focused on fun and making memories, our Games Mania option is perfect. A mixture of classic games and new twists, there will be plenty to keep everyone occupied. Competitive types can play air hockey, basketball and foosball whilst big kids can enjoy the remote control 4x4 driving. There's also darts and various big screen games to have fun with, amongst many other options.

The Pressure Zone

The Pressure Zone is the ideal event if you want to encourage friendly competition on both an individual and a team basis. Test your skills, your agility and even your physical stamina with the various tricky challenges you face. Don't be fooled by their apparent simplicity though; the high-pressure environment makes even the smallest task a tough (but entertaining!) feat.

Trade to Win

Our Trade to Win event is a popular choice for those who want to ease themselves into team building with a business-focused activity. The business simulation task encourages experiential learning and will improve team and individual skills alike. You learn something each step of the way, from planning and designing to building and presenting; all culminating in the actual launch of the rocket your team builds.

Bush Tucker

This jungle-themed event is full of incredibly memorable activities because there's nothing like throwing your team in at the deep end - it's where all the fun is! You have the opportunity to snack on some grubs in the classic food bush tucker trial before your team reaches into all sorts of unknowns as they search mysterious boxes for stars to collect. You can even design your own bush tucker hats. An authentic bush tucker experience is sure to strengthen your team's bond.

Interactive Quiz

Keep it simple the first time you go team building and opt for our interactive quiz. Not as slow as your average pub quiz, this interactive extravaganza is high energy and high involvement making for great entertainment. Our professional compere will guide you through the evening's events, which include a mixture of question rounds and interactive activities, and teams will unite to rally behind their mascots as they vie for the gold trophy. We can even host the event in the evening, snapping digital photos for your very own event blog!

Now, these five indoor team building activities are just a taste of what we offer. There are many more events to choose from, indoor and outdoor, formal and informal. Just browse our website to see the selection, or get in touch with us and let us help make your first team building event one to remember!

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