Five things reality TV shows can teach businesses

Posted: Jan 08 2015

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Saturday night television is the highlight of many weekends, and there is an abundance of late night reruns of classic quiz shows and competitions.

For the most part, we tend to think of such shows as guilty pleasures; we don't quite consider them to be high-brow, but we can't bear to turn them off either.   

The nation watches these shows for fun, and the thrill we get when we become emotionally invested in the contestants.

Whether they are singing for their supper or doing their best to beat the clock and complete set challenges, the 30 or 60-minute slot goes by too quickly as we wait for the result.

There is more to these reality shows than the emotional rollercoaster they put us on though. When it comes to teamwork, achievement and both individual and group development, reality TV shows can teach us a lot.

Contestants discover and develop certain traits and skills, either in the pursuit of individual success or for the benefit of the team. Similarly, teams play to their strengths and pull together as they take on difficult challenges, even in the face of stressful external factors like time limits and exhaustion.

Both of these instances are inspirational for teams of all shapes and sizes, but especially those in the business world.

Here at Team Challenge Company, we are used to getting the best out of teams and individuals during our team building events. 

Interestingly, some of our most popular and most successful events offer the same experience and benefits as top reality TV shows.In fact, we have put together the below list of just five key skills every team should develop. We have also noted which of our team activities improve and encourage each skill, as well as what reality TV show said activity relates to.

Skill: Problem-solving

  • Team Activity: Crystal Challenge
  • TV Show: Crystal Maze

Skill: Thinking commercially and outside the box

  • Team Activity: Trade to Win
  • TV Show: The Apprentice

Skill: Business acumen and perseverance

  • Team Activity: It's a Knockout
  • TV Show: It's a Knockout

Skill: Collaboration and communication

  • Team Activity: Human Table Football
  • TV Show: Football/Sporting event (Ok, so this is not technically reality TV in its traditional sense, but the point stands)

Skill: Stamina, Fearlessness and Team Spirit

  • Team Activity: Bush Tucker
  • TV Show: I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

Of course, this is by no means an extensive list of the different things reality TV shows can teach us.

With so many different reality shows on the screen these days, all with their own brand of weird and wonderful challenges, we are spoilt for choice. Visit this link and discover the UK's best team building events.

That is why we are so pleased that our team building events and activities offer the same experiences and benefits.

So get in touch with Team Challenge Company today and book your own reality TV-inspired team building event

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