Posted: Mar 09 2016

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Time management and productivity among your staff is one of the most important areas for monitoring and improving when it comes to running a successful business. Managing time effectively is a skill in itself, and many people struggle to get to grips fully with being as efficient as they can possibly be.

Non-prioritisation of tasks, no clear overview of tasks at hand and an unachievable workload are often the biggest causes of failure when it comes to time management. This can lead to a very stressful lifestyle, and is something that needs to be addressed for your company to move forward productively.

Here at Team Challenge Company, we provide so much more than just corporate fun days and team building events. We also have a whole host of beneficial and useful tips for managing your staff and managerial resources for your business on our blog.

 If you feel like you or your business will benefit from a refresher and some time management tips, then please read on.

  • Use a calendar to plan your day and your week ahead. Mark priorities for ongoing projects, setting interim deadlines to ensure nothing gets missed and make a daily ‘To Do' list to keep track of what needs doing and by when - checking the list off after each task is highly satisfying!
  • Buy a diary or notebook specifically for your ‘To Do' lists so you can effectively manage and monitor what gets accomplished in the working day; helping you plan better in the future

  • Be realistic with timings when planning your daily tasks. This will mean you are less likely to miss deadlines and you won't stress as much
  • Focus on important items first, and then move on to less pressing items on your agenda. Avoid multi-tasking as it can complicate things when looking at how long a task has taken you
  • Be more organised! Plan and prepare for calls and meetings in advance to get the most from them and get the answers to questions you didn't think you needed to know without the planning

These points may seem simple and to the point, but that is exactly how time management works - break down tasks into manageable sizes, get the job done and move on. Reiterating these pointers to your staff can encourage them to review how they work and inspire them to be more organised, and, therefore, be more productive in the future.

A solid time management structure is a great way to reduce stress in the workplace, and so is booking a corporate fun day for the office to reward them for their hard work in continuing to be assets to your business.

With a variety of activities, games and competitions, and even family oriented events; for getting children and partners involved in the fun - from Inflatable Fun for the grown up children to Kiddies Corner for the genuine children, there is something for everyone.

Let your staff know that their hard work, commitment and loyalty is appreciated and hasn't gone unnoticed. This simple act of rewarding your staff is a great way to boost morale and productivity, putting those newly honed time management skills to good use.

If you would like to book a corporate fun day with Team Challenge Company, please contact us on 03300 04 09 03 or use our contact form.

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