Posted: Nov 21 2015

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With a staff turnover in businesses at an average of 15% annually, the likelihood of a company welcoming a new starter in the next 12 months is high. This figure will fluctuate and vary sector to sector but regardless of how many new staff members you hire, it always pays to have a process in place to integrate them into the team. 

Successful integration into a new team can make or break a new starter – get off on the wrong footing and you may find yourself re-recruiting for the same role a few months down the line. Save yourself time, money and loss of productivity by ensuring that you welcome your new member of staff warmly and graciously. Encourage team building opportunities and reap the rewards of a happy workforce down the line.

Start Early

At the interview stage, where possible, you should explain how the role they will be undertaking fits in with the business vision and long term plan. When a job is offered, again, reiterate how important their role will be to the team and department that they will be working in. This will create a real sense of solidarity from the get-go.

Prior to their first day, provide all relevant logistical information to ensure things run smoothly. Provide directions and car parking information; inform them of dress code and who they will need to ask for on arrival and where to go. Request all relevant paperwork to be ready for their first day. It may prove beneficial appointing your new employee to start an hour after everyone else on their first day, in order to prepare and set up their desk. Be sure to provide all relevant stationery, computer logins and passwords, contact lists, business cards, map and employee handbook as well as their contract of employment.

It is always a nice touch to have a phone call with your future member of staff in the run up to their start date. General ‘get to know you’ chit chat can prove beneficial when introducing them on their first day.

A welcome pack might be helpful and will certainly help your new starter feel less overwhelmed by names, faces and tea preferences. Introductions should be made individually in their own team, and a brief walk through of the office gives an oversight of how the departments work together. Further introductions can be made in staff meetings or over lunch – invite them to lunch with the team, as this can really take the edge off the nerves.

Manage as You Mean to Go On

Assigning a mentor is a great way of making your new member of staff feel a lot less isolated and dazed with their new role. Organise and set up any relevant training in a timely manner once they have settled into their new position.
Communicate with your newest team member – have a welcome chat in the morning and at the end of their first day, and over the course of the first week have regular catch ups and a meeting to discuss how they are getting on. This is the perfect time to address any issues, answer any questions and explain how the next few months of their employment will be spent.

Moving Forward

Organising a review after three months is standard procedure and additional to continual feedback, this is your opportunity to discuss strengths and weaknesses as well as any projects that are ongoing. After this period, you should have a good idea of whether the new member of staff is likely to stick around or take flight.
Team building days and prospects should regularly be scheduled as these are brilliant ways of integrating staff that may be feeling a little by the wayside. Team Challenge Company offer a range of corporate days out and team building events that work wonders on inter-department socialising and coaxing people out of their shells.

Following the above steps should promise to deliver staff retention and longevity in the roles that require it. It pays to invest time as well as training for new staff to ensure they are fully immersed and integrated within your company for the best possible outcomes.
Here’s to successful staff integration and building a team that succeeds.

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