Mental Bonding

Posted: Oct 07 2013

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You could organise hundreds of team development events, corporate activity days and indoor team building activities but none of them may ever work unless you understand the mental processes behind forming employee relationships. We tend to form relationships with people who have qualities that we like, for example we might like people who are confident, but not overly like people who are shy. However, this is not our only reason for building relationships, we also, over time, form an attachment to the person and the strength of that attachment can be heavily influenced from your relationship with your parents at birth. Reasons why we may form a relationship with someone can differ from person to person, however the most common include appearance, competency and similarity. The Uncertainty Reduction Theory suggests that when we first meet a stranger, we are left with a lot of uncertainty which can make us feel nervous and unsure about the person. However over time, the relationship develops by asking lots of questions and finding common ground so people can effectively reduce their uncertainty levels. The theory also suggests that interacting people are actually motivated by their uncertainty regarding the stranger and they use this to stimulate confidence around this person. Self-disclosure is a massive step forward in a relationship as it enables the person to be able to trust and rely on the other person; however it is important that this is kept in balance as it can seriously affect your relationships with others.  Risks of self-disclosure include rejection, loss of control and the potential to hurt the other person however lots of benefits come with it too such as moral obligation, self-defence and catharsis. So, as you can see forming relationships is a complicated and often difficult process to encourage, however with the right event management company you can witness in-depth relationships being formed right on the playing field. Book your event management company today for a stronger, unrestrained company.

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