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Posted: Dec 06 2018

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Here at Team Challenge Company, we pride ourselves in helping our clients realise their potential by planning and hosting a team building event that is quite simply out of this world. We work with clients from various industries every day, all looking to achieve the same goal – to maximise morale and improve productivity.

We often get asked to help organise the perfect event, but what exactly does the perfect event look like? After all, what one person may deem to be perfect for them, another may not be impressed in the slightest. There is no one-size-fits-all off the shelf event that anyone can honestly say is the be all and end all – if that was the case, then planning and delivery wouldn’t be the art-form we pride ourselves on.

Understanding Your Audience

To organise the perfect event, you need to understand your audience. In this case, the audience is your peers and colleagues and you are likely the manager responsible for the team. As well and understanding where your team’s professional strengths and – not weaknesses – but key areas of developments are, but also their personalities and the different types of characters that you have.

Everyone reacts differently, so finding the perfect approach will be a difficult one and, arguably, virtually impossible. The key here is to ensure that your corporate team building event is adaptable in a way that the entire audience can interact and leave feeling as though they have taken something positive away.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

One method that employers utilise to better understand their employees is through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The assessment is designed to identify key behaviour traits, comparing across eight different personality types, which are:

  • Extraverts
  • Introverts
  • Sensors
  • Intuitives
  • Feelers
  • Thinkers
  • Perceivers
  • Judgers

The likelihood of one person fitting perfectly into any of the above categories is low as individuals are expected to overlap into a number of types. For more information on MBTI, please get in contact with Team Challenge Company.

Fun and Productive

We can all agree that the best corporate events are something that is fun, keeping the audience’s attention. You want your audience to be actively involved, instead of just sitting in a chair and listening to one person talk for half an hour – nothing productive ever comes of events like this.

Active team building means bringing participants together in groups and setting them a task. The trick here is to ensure that each member of each team has a role to play, all working together to achieve the same goal.

At Team Challenge Company, we offer a wide range of team building events that are designed to be fun, allowing participants to move away from the usual work environment. One of the best examples of this has to be our very own GPS interactive treasure hunts, that see colleagues form teams and scour an area in search of interactive checkpoints. Over the course of the event, each team member works together to solve problems with the ultimate goal of winning against other teams.

Friendly competition is a fantastic way of keeping everyone’s interest, with the prospect of claiming office glory always an attractive proposition. Usually, it is the team that works best together – rather than relying on the efforts of one or two individuals – that is victorious. Whether a team finishes first or bottom, all participants will come away having learnt something not only about their colleagues but also about themselves.

What Are You Hoping to Achieve?

Every event should be organised with an end goal in mind, so what is yours? Would you like your employees to think faster on their feet and increase their own confidence? If so, then an event that sees participants work individually before bringing their efforts together as a team – therefore recognising their role in the bigger picture.

If it is communication and general team bonding that you want to take away from the day, then a task - or series of tasks - that involves teamwork should be on your agenda. If your workplace doesn’t see much in the way of integration between separate departments, it might be good to ensure that you bring all of these together instead of having closed off teams.

Colleagues may not speak or even see each other on a daily basis, meaning they may not be entirely sure of someone’s job role and what exactly it is they do. This is a common issue in large businesses, which can result in a breakdown of communication along the chain. Addressing this through team building exercises is a necessity.

When to Hold Your Corporate Team Building Event

This is a tricky one that employers can dwell over because, although you don’t want to lose out on valuable working hours, the chances of a full turnout outside office hours are slim. That’s not just because team members don’t want to socialise outside of work with their colleagues, but also due to outside commitments, they might have.

Setting aside a morning or afternoon, even an entire day, can have long-term benefits for your business. Taking staff away from the usual day-to-day tasks during the working day can be seen as a nice treat that can improve morale and productivity for when they do return to the workplace.

Monday mornings tend to be regarded as the worst time of the week because the weekend is in the past and a full working week lies ahead. Not only that but, depending on the industry, staff may be walking into a mountain of enquiries from customers received from over the weekend. However, if the goal of your team building exercise is to re-energise your team, a late-morning/early-afternoon event could be the way to go.

While Mondays are often greeted with disdain, Fridays receive a much warmer welcoming as they signal the beginning of the weekend. Staff members have an extra spring in their step as they look forward to their weekend plans – and it’s no secret that Friday afternoons may not be the most productive period of the week. Might this be the perfect time for a fun team event?

You Only Get Out What You Put Into It

It sounds cliché, but it’s true – you will only get out of a corporate event what you put into it. Those that approach a team building event with the correct mentality will come away with everything they hoped for and more. These events are meant to be fun, while also allowing team members to recognise strengths and areas of development.

Everyone should come away with a smile on their face, feeling as though they have taken something away, whether it is a renewed or realised confidence in themselves, better morale or an area to work on and improve. If this is true for everyone, then you have held the perfect corporate team building event.

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