Posted: Oct 27 2016

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As the sun was setting on the crisp Autumn evening, Team Challenge Company were getting ready to turn the heat up on our evening entertainment at the enchanting Crossbasket Castle and host our energy inducing, laughter filled entertainment – The Big Quiz! The newly refurbished Castle was bursting with rustic charm as the log fires were lit and the chandeliers were glistening all the way through the intimate rooms that lead us in to the Grand Hall where we would begin our evening.

Welcome drinks were flowing and nibbles proved popular as we mingled with our guests and expanded our knowledge of the building and its history. Floor to ceiling windows looked out on to the balcony overlooking the towering forest and its enchanting, elegantly lit paths through the gardens. Large oak beams structuring the ceiling combined with the winding staircase entrance really gave a truly Grand ambience and set the perfect scene for Team Challenge Company to pump up the energy and our guests.

As Stephen slipped in to his Quizmaster persona and his sparkly jacket we began. First up was Hit or Miss, an all-time favourite to get your brains straight in to top gear for a night of ‘Ooh, I know that one! Or do I?!’. With an air of smugness and confidence everyone chose their answer to find out who would set off the night with flying colours and who would flop at the first hurdle! Competition was so tight we had to go to a penny flipping Finale! No spoilers though, you’ll find out who wins at the end of this message! The following rounds consisted of General Knowledge, Guess the Soapstar, Travel and many more rounds that got the teams really testing their knowledge of Movies, Music and other Media!

Poor Dorris & Megumi really found it tough but they managed to pull a lot of correct answers out of the bag to try and rescue Team ‘We love Stephen’ (which clearly wasn’t a plea for more points from Stephen the Quizmaster!). But it seemed that it was too late for them! They pulled out the double-your-points joker card far too late and the Mothers of Dragons incredible soapstar knowledge (albeit frightening) launched them in to the clear to become the winners of the infamous Team Challenge Company trophy!

It was a night full of laughter, competition, food & bribery from Joanne to get Amy and Fraser to help but neither of them buckled! The staff were great, Crossbasket Castle was stunning and as always Team Challenge Company delivered. An all-round brilliant night- thank you to all involved.

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