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Posted: Apr 12 2013

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With AGMs taking place once a year and Conferences of all shapes and sizes popping up at various times in between, it can often be a challenge to keep things fresh and exciting. While some members of your audience may change and numbers may rise and fall depending on the exact nature of each meeting, many in attendance will have been there and done that many times before, so it is important that you keep things as new and exciting as possible. There are lots of ways to keep people engaged, including trying new things and pushing the boundaries of typical meetings. Why not try a video conference and invite colleagues from all over the world to your meeting. Or how about you move out of the office and shake things up with a state of the art venue in your area or beyond. There are lots of small things you can do to keep things fresh and get everyone motivated. Having said this, it is really important to remember that old adage 'if it aint broke, don't fix it.' If you have enjoyed success with a particular approach before, then the chances are it will work again. It goes without saying to avoid the extreme of playing the same video for ten years running. In order to gain the right balance it's a good idea to use yourself as a baseline; if you are bored by what you are doing or saying, then your audience are likely to be too. So if you have a great tag line or video, don't simply change it for the sake of it, have belief in yourself and what you can do and go ahead and do it. Fusion of new and old will inspire yourself and those around you for a successful AGM at any time of the year.

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