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Posted: Feb 25 2013

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There is always so much to consider when organising a Corporate Event of any style, shape or size and even experienced Event Organisers can often feel daunted at the beginning of a new project and seek guidance from the professionals. We provide our clients with around 400 different Corporate Events a year from Team Building Workshops and Corporate Family Fun Days, right through to Fun Casino Nights and Corporate Children's Christmas Parties. This level of diversity and experience means we can offer you the best possible insight into the world of organising your next Corporate Event to make sure it gets off to a flying start.

Planning Give yourself as much lead time as possible so you can afford to be creative and think outside the box. Doing something new and original can be difficult with only a few days notice so make sure you know what your time scale is and work to it. Explore the options before you commit to a single style and or supplier. There is a whole world of options out there and if you are committed to delivering the best then it's worth taking the time to find it. Try to minimise last minute changes which have to be made in a hurry and will have a lot of impact on your event. Occasionally these will be necessary but most of the time rash decisions made under extreme time pressure will not reflect your purpose so by planning well in advance you can minimise this danger. Pushing Boundaries With the wonders of technology and creative innovation there is no need to settle for 'same old -same old'; create an app as part of your event, or choose something that involves interactive social media communication on the go like a Scavenger Hunt. It is important to push the boundaries on an individual level too, so that could mean doing something a little bit silly and fun as part of your event so that people can get to know each other and relax. Corporate Events can also be a good forum for innovation within your business if you choose an event that focuses on the skills you want to expand such as creating a business plan, marketing strategy and brand promotion; all of which can be incorporated into your event. Delivering Put yourself in your client's shoes and try to go that one step further in order to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Make sure everyone gets involved to the best of their ability. Some people will be extremely wary of participation in Corporate Events of any kind and it is important for you as the organiser to make people feel comfortable at their own level whatever that may be. Sharing Share your ideas with the rest of your organisation team so that you can learn from each other and appreciate the different ideas others may have in making your event just right. Share the results of your event with the participants and also other departments or offices who will be inspired by what you have done. Whether that be through photographs, a blog or even a video of the event there are lots of ways to keep everyone involved even after the event comes to an end. It doesn't have to stop at your office or even with your company as a whole. With incredible social media resources now available you can share your event with the entire world; a great opportunity to show them when you and your team can achieve together.

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