Improve Attitudes to Team Development

Posted: Apr 15 2013

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For the greater good of any organisation, it is important that members of a team know how to work well together. Teaching your staff how to work well together, how to trust each other and how to support and communicate with each other is a bonus to any team. This is how Team Development activities can help. Sometimes people can have negative feelings towards team development activities and in this article we discuss how to overcome these negative feelings and improve attitudes. It is a good idea to provide every attendee with the same information as each other. Sour attitudes arise when some people know more than others, ensure no-one is left out and everyone knows the same as each other about the event. It is essential that everyone understands how important the ‘total team' is, as opposed to praise going to individuals within a team. The staff will work as a team, finish as a team and win or loose as a team. It is important that it is stressed throughout the team development event. Ice Breaking tasks are good to make everyone feel more relaxed before the team development tasks begin officially. These should ideally take place in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to calm the staff into the event and to relieve any stress on concerns about what the team development session involves.  It is important that every team member has a role to play, when someone steps on another's toes then briefly pause and ask the person if they know what they have just done, then ask the person who's ‘toes were stepped on' to tell the team how it made them feel. This will help with communication and team awareness which will in turn help with team development.

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