Is It Best To Stop Talking And Get Back To Work?

Posted: May 26 2013

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Back in the day, it was not uncommon to hear a manager in the office say "Stop talking and get back to work" because it was thought that workers got more work done when they were doing exactly that - working. Carnegie Melon University completed a survey in 1986, the asked what percentage of information that you need for your job is in your mind, in 1986 the answer was 75%, yet 11 years later in 1997 the answer was 15%. A survey has not been completed since this time but we would hazard a guess that it is now a lot closer to the 15% mark than the 75% mark. From this survey it leaves us with the conclusion that team building, team bonding and communication are incredibly important within the work place and with people of the team not talking to each other you will find that less work is done or the work is completed to a lower standard. Communication systems like Skype and E-mail make it easy to speak to work colleagues and managers, but a message can be read wrong. The mood of the recipient depends on how they read the message, so talking face to face with a colleague is the best way of conveying the right message and ensuring that questions and the answers are fully understood. For a company whose employees are used to being told to "Stop talking and get back to work", this may be a challenge. If this is the case for your team, you may want to consider organising a team building event or a team development event to help break down the communication barriers and encourage your employers to talk with each other to get the job done and get it done better than ever before. Don't tell your staff to "Stop Talking and Get Back to Work" instead tell them to "Start Talking To Get Back To Work" and the improvements will amaze you!

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