Is Team Building Waste Of Time?

Posted: May 22 2013

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Here at Team Challenge Company we have to ensure Team Building Events are not a waste of time, and that the Team Building Event is practical with purpose that is unique to the needs of each group. It can be easy for people to confuse social excursions with Team Building and so get the wrong idea; a team building event is often classed as drinks down the pub, a round of golf or ten pin bowling after work - this is a form of team bonding for sure, but we wouldn't class it as team building. Let me give you an example; if you go to a wedding and you are seated with people you do not like during dinner, you are polite to them as the wedding setting requires this but when you go home after the event you are still not ‘friends' with these people. It is the same with a ‘work outing' if you have a communication problem in your team or people do not get on with each other they will be polite when you are in a social environment but when they return to the office the issues are still waiting there. This is why you need to look at what you want your team to stop doing, what you want your team to start doing and what you want your team to continue doing. From this you can think about what you want to achieve from the team building event and then look at the specific activities that you can do to achieve these goals and get results. Team Building events are excellent solutions to common office challenges as they can be as high energy and engaging as you want, whole targeting specific goals.

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